This ain’t no Blackhawk, Secret Stealth U.S. Helicopters & Falling Stars

This rotor assembly caught my eye as well as  many other online readers the other day. One of the few images from the Bin Laden raid is absolute proof of a secret stealth U.S. Helicopter. This brings to mind consistent news reports among UFO eyewitnesses of the “Falling Stars” phenomena. It seems that “Invisible” helicopters seem to show up in and around these reported UFO events considered “Falling Stars”. We may now have the first photographic evidence of the latest and greatest truly “black” helicopters in the US arsenal, these “invisible” – absolutely “black” helicopters with out any serial numbers, tail markings or lights may cause some stirs with our U.S. Allies and Nato. Please be sure, this is not simply a modified “Black Hawk” helicopter. It seems to be a bit larger, maybe 20% or so and it is very different in its engineering and design. We have posted some actual Black-hawk photos at the bottom of this post.
A Personal Anecdotal story
About 2 years ago, after a an evening bible study, I was hanging around outside and talking to friends when I witnessed an amazing “Falling Star” heading east to west as I looked up into the night sky. The only problem was that this falling star was between 500 & 1,000 feet in altituded and falling westward towards the rural farming area just 3 blocks from where we were standing. Knowing my UFO folklore, I joked that “all we need next is a black helicopter to show up overhead!” Guess what – thump, thump thump thump – the sound of a military helicopter could be heard overhead traveling from east to west just 2 minutes later. No visuals, No lights, just a thump, thump thump, getting louder and louder and traveling west towards the Rural, farming area. Try as I might, I was not able to make a visual on the stealthy yet loud helicopter even though it sounded like it was just overhead.

What are these Falling Stars?
I had researched this issue in the past, and had read of consistent reports mentioning the sound of unseen helicopters, but never witnessing one myself I simply filed this data away – until my attempt at a joke that turned all too real. These “invisible helicopters” seem to instantly pop up at many of these events. The unmistakable sound of military helicopters reported by dozens and dozens of eyewitness accounts (My self included now) always happens within just minutes of the sightings! These “Falling Star” which seem to be crash landing on American soil seem to be tracked for such a timely response. Actually the response is so quick it seems as their is previous knowledge knowing exactly when and where to be. If we were to take our own folklore and ancient scriptures into account “Falling Stars” are always related to “fallen angels” in our scriptures.

In Revelation 6:  Fallen Angels are described as figs falling from a fig tree blown by a mighty wind?  interesting, this image describes perfectly what many are witnessing!  Falling stars that appear out of no where from an invisable canopy.  These “lights” do not fall straight down which would be expected from our physics here on earth.  They actually fall at an angle (in my eyewitness account as well as others I have researched  the objects  travel  East to West)  This is in opposition to what we expect a simple “re-entry” from space. (remember the recent shuttle disaster as it broke apart over the skies of  Texas traveling West to EastThink about it… If dimensions truly exist as we are taught in the ancient scriptures that are parallel to our own – than any object  that “Falls” into our world from above would be flung in a East to West trajectory (counter intuitively) by the laws of physics which govern us. An East to West trajectory would be demanded!

If these are fallen angels why are they falling now?  A possible answer is found in –  The revelation of St. John which describes an angelic war as a future event.   It describes Lucifer and his angelic followers abiding in a world, a dimension if you like that is parallel to our own – Unfortunately most of Christendom is taught that this war is a past event.

Why are these objects primarily being reported and  landing here in the U.S.?  Is this just poetic language we read in the bible? could something more physical and yet supernatural be happening?

My only worry is the deceptive nature of the “Fallen Angels” we are taught about in the pages of the ancient texts. Is our government dealing with the winning side of this universal battle?

Until now there has been no such thing as a silent blackhawk helicopter! the thump thump thump can always be heard as they intersect their targets. That is until these new silent beauties make their way into our black projects and government agencies. If they have not already

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