Is President Barack Obama a Christian? Was Judas? The search for “social justice”

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No human on earth today can answer either of these two questions. We can only theorize and make philosophical judgments. This does though allow me to delve into the much more interesting topic of whether Judas was a Christian? Ultimately both questions will be decided, and paradoxically have already been decided by our creator. Yet we can and should discuss them – Judas as it pertains to christian theology and President Obama as a subject of Christian ethics and political discourse. The following short video at the bottom of this post given by reverend Don Hamer gives a good “judgemental” explanation of whether or not Barack Obama is a Christian (see all 7 videos to get a comprehensive research on this subject) that results in the negative. Personally, I must take the president at his word and affirm the positive – albeit with a twist, As positive as I am of Judas…..

My “positive as Judas” attitude stems from the presidents (return to 1967′ Israel Borders speech) the other day. This speech places Obama in the role of a modern day Judas. Judas was an apostle of Christ who through his betrayel hastened the beginning of the first battle between Christ and Lucifer. Was Judas a Christian? Possibly, well as positive as I am of President Obama! We know that all the apostles professed to be, he also by his actions fulfilled an ancient prophecy – does this mean he did not have freewill in his actions and his actions were inevitable? Was he guilty of commiting the unpardonable sin? or were not his actions necessary for Christ to fullfill his mission on a cross at calvary? What if there where only 11 apostles? These questions keep Christian philosophers up late at night and yet like Judas’ siding with the Sanhedrin and Rome, President Obama has sided with the current adversary of Judeo Christian civilization (a synonym for “The West” which is slowly and surely disapearing within our lifetimes.) . Like Obama, Judas confirmed a belief in Christ and yet he had an overwhelming need to fight for a “social justice” for his “people”. I can imagine a younger Judas, sitting in a “social justice” synagogue of his times with a rabi who would curse his Government, and preach a hatred and contempt towards them along with a prayer to overthrow them. To hell with Pilot & Rome, God Damn Rome! God, Damn Rome,GOD DAMN ROME! Surely Judas sat in his pew and quietly nodded and agreed with his vocal spiritual leader……

Can it be that president Obama’s primary world view that trumps his “christianity” just like Judas is the need to achieve social justice?

Like Judas, President Obama seems to feel that the only way to speed things up and achieve “peace on earth” & “Social Justice” is to insert himself into history and force Christ’s hand.

Obama and Wright

In this video you have a more judgmental reasoning based on scripture, but to me it was video posted just below that convinced me that though he may be a christian, his trust in christ is secondary to the social justice gospel – A gospel that litteraly blurs the lines between Christian and Muslim congregations. (Social Justice congregations whether muslim or christian consistantly invite their partner churches (Muslim or Christian) to speak within their congregations. This is why Obama’s facial cues and vocal contempt towards the Judeo / Christian holy books speeks volumes on where else his true allegiances may lie. (Videos that were systematically buried by a complicit media during the election) A contempt towards not only Judeo /Christian Philosophy but towards America itself. Can someone out there please show me one video of Obama mocking islam with the same contempt? If so please post us a link here at SRI, I will be the first to admit I am wrong. But ask yourself, if his Alliances are not with the Judeo-Christian Ethic that has sustained and helped to build the “west”, what else could they be based on?

Unfortunately, after extensive searching it seems that our president is constantly belittling Judeo Christian philosophy and upholding Islam and the “Holy” Qu’ran

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