Ban on circumcision is a new beginning of anti-semitism / anti-christian thought

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The new proposed bans on circumcision in America’s most progressive cities should give Jews and Christians something to worry about.

To begin here are the key points:

1. Not one mainstream news media outlet has tied this into being at the minimum touching upon anti-semitism. How would the media act if we banned Muslim head coverings much like the media’s  progressive role models in Europe? (Nazi Europe anyone?)
2. Circumcision has also become a practical American “Christian” practice as many orthodox and evangelical Americans culturally & with religious precedence from their founding faith (Judaism) circumcise their children for primarily health reasons*. Is this not then also anti-American, anti-Christian?
3. Circumcision is most affiliated with Jewish tradition because it is followed by Jews as “Law”. It is also one of the most celebrated events within Judaism for it is the equivalence of Christian infant baptism & dedications.

This is a very subtle and worrying slip into a new (old) type of  antisemitism similar to what quickly engulfed NAZI Europe in the late 1930’s.    Dietrich Bonhoeffer and other “God Fearing” Christians murdered by the the progressive socialists of Germany are evidence that it is one in the same.  Yet, the good news is that America is to vast of a country for us to ever completely follow in their footsteps (both in geography and cultural diversity).  This same mindset of the NAZI brown-shirts is now openly practiced by our Progressive (Democrat) city councils from our largest  municipalities.  These  enlightened cities should just come out and have NO “God Fearing” People ALLOWED signs posted throughout their streets.

We will need to come up with a new word to describe this hateful practice, because today the “Adversary” is once more ramping up his venom towards “religious”** Libertarian minded Jews & Christians of all denominations.

*Circumcision statistics are interestingly kept by the Center for Disease Control”   Circumcision is a proven method to almost completely remove the possibility of contracting aids from your partner which would make you think that the progressive lobby would be promoting, not banning this practice – but there is a problem, It only protects heterosexual men and women during intercourse. IF YOU  STILL LEAN PROGRESSIVE, as most Libertarians once did – please, SNAP out of it.

** Religious is an incorrect term. Progressives and Cultists are in general more “religious” in their progressive or New age faith (They both hold a shared belief that they themselves are the center of the universe and equal to God)  This new Antisemitism is simply a re-branding of the Old Antisemitism – expanded to include all  Mono-Theistic faiths.  Well almost all,  Progressives seem to look the other way when it comes to Islam.  much like hostages inflicted with Stockholm syndrome.

Milton Thomas

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