Walter Martin’s book: UFO’s – Friend, Foe or Fantasy. Jill Martin Riche

Dr. Walter Martin

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Thank you to Jill Martin Riche, (Dr. Martin’s Daughter) for posting Walters lecture based on his book UFO’s – Friend, Foe or Fantasy. Hearing this lecture twenty something years ago was so important. Seeing a UFO at close range as a child, all I got from the church was ridicule. I was so surprised after a few months of listening to Walter on the radio learning about historical christian doctrine and the cutls that when I came upon this lecture I understood why I trusted and respected him so much. Walter’s knowledge of UFO history was unmatched – he was for all intensive purposes one of the earliest UFO historians – just listen to his excitement and wonder as he discusses dozens of historical UFO cases dating back thousands of years. Walter’s serious look into this field without any worry about the Church’s ridicule – was a pivotal point for me during my early research. Thank you Walter Martin. Thank you Jill Martin for making this available.

Milton Thomas


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I believe this Lecture based on Walter Martin’s book UFO’s – Friend, Foe or Fantasy – was given in the Late 1970’s or possibly the mid 1980s.

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