R.A. Richard McGough (Top 10 Supernatural Researchers)

R.A. McGough of Biblewheel.com

Author of the bible wheel. R.A. (Richard) Mcgough is on the top of SRI’s list of “pure researchers” of the supernatural from a Christian orthodox position. We are in the process of in-depth research of McGough’s book “The Bible Wheel” which is supported by his own website of the same name BibleWheel.com An incredible web site and study resource that I have often used in related research for many years now. His discoveries are real, RA McGough’s findings of a multi-dimensional intricately designed system and patterns behind the ancient scriptures is one of many “Supernaturally” hidden truths that for some reason does not get the light of day in mainstream Christian circles.

UPDATE:   Richard McGough  Leaves Christianity!

Just shortly after my post on one of the most brilliant minds of Christendom – I am saddened to say that Richard McGough has “Quit Christianity”.   He made his decision clear on a post on his wonderful research website at Biblewheel.com.  Richard, an Idealist  NF  ( please see my personal research website Godtype.com which deals with similar patterns within the Bible wheel)  reached such a level of personal discovery into the “patterns” of the Judeo-Christian scriptures that he quite possibly found no where else to go but to switch sides in this supernatural battle that is going on earth.      Richard  has completely transformed….  from Christian apologist to Christian antagonist (albeit with the demeanor of a true gentleman).  Richard’s new version of the biblewheel.com  now lands you into his new forum’s home page – Bible, Wheels and Brains: Free Thinkers exploring Religion, Science and the Mind.   Though Richard now sits on the other side of the fence from myself ,  He  has made the important decision to leave his years of independent and lonely research into the holy scriptures available to any searching individual  through links at the top of his new website.   He has even archived the entire original website (Thank You!) which was one of my favorite research destinations for many years.   Richards views, blogs and writings can be found at his updated community.    A place for philosophers from both sides of the theological spectrum to meet and have a serious discussion.

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