Dr. Walter Martin speaks from the grave – CRI is being run exactly as Walter wanted

Dr. Walter Martin on the Donohue show


The following recording of Dr. Walter Martin handing over “some” control and the future of CRI Christian Research Institute to Hank Hanegraaff should once and for all settle any misconceptions about CRI being stolen.

(This audio recently turned up – A supernatural and miraculous event in itself)  Though Hank may have made some financial  and business decisions early on that many believed (Myself included) that Walter would have handled differently. This is only second guessing, Hanegraaff clearly submitted to the church and made restitution!

It feels these 20+ years since Walters passing have gone by so fast, and yet many in the Church are still condemning this ministry based on here-say which has blown up due to half-truths. (I know too many Christians “my age” who have boycotted and held this ministry in contempt. If I had not remembered personally the praise that Martin gave Haanegraff on the radio, echoing the posted audio clip and obviously passing on of the perverbial baton in the final year of his life, I too may have easily fallen for the heresay stories that were being transmitted better than any internet or social media of today. No one can ever truly replace a giant like Martin.  No one ever will.  This Audio of Walter just 6 months prior to his death is evidence of the Holy Spirit working through a Man who was just months away from going home.  CRI is and always has been exactly where Dr. Martin planned. The only thing we should worry about is Doctrine, and Haanegraf has been championing “truth” for over 20 years now.

Only six months prior to his death, Dr. Martin introduces Hank Hanegraaff to his Bible Class on December 4, 1988, as CRI’s Executive Vice-President. Hank Hanegraaff is often publicly accused of never having been appointed to a leadership position by Dr. Martin. This clip allows Dr. Martin to set the record straight over 20 years after the Lord called Him home.

Surely there is a new generation of Christians who look to Hank Haanegraph and the new CRI in much the same way us older “folks” viewed Walter Martin. In the end it is safe to say that tens of thousands of people have come to know and understand historical Christianity because of the 20 plus years of hard work that Hank and his staff have given us. I believe this ministry has continued giving us the same Gospel and historical Christian teaching that Walter worked so hard to defend.

Haanagraaff  has been teaching Preterism,  A doctrine I personally disagree with and ultimately leads to a subtle  antisemitism I could not help but notice in one of Hank’s books.   Subtle enough to overlook with caution.  Real enough for a post note,  here is some more information on Hank’s Preterist views

I am simultaneously a big fan of Bill Alnor, his ministries are obviously inline with what we are doing here at SRI, and his love for Walter Martin is evident – I also stopped listening and supporting CRI 20 years ago not because I thought the ministry was stolen, as a business strategist I understood there was no one better than Hank to lead CRI as  “business’ side into the future,  though I would have preferred Walter’s favorite stand in John Stewart as the “voice” of the show,  I was saddened  that my Hero Walter Martin was rarely mentioned on the show just one or two years after his passing. I felt that Hank was negligent in this and seemed to take too much “control” of CRI. I wanted others too know about this giant of Christendom and Haanegraff failed in this regard.

I Have asked hundreds of Christians who are a few years younger than me about Walter Martin and most have not a clue, upsetting my mortal mind – but think about it for a moment, do you believe for a moment that Walter Martin wanted the world to know him? or Christ? We all need to begin supporting CRI not just for Hank’s sake, but because it is Walter Martin’s legacy – to spread the good news of Jesus Christ.

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