Dr. Chuck Missler: (Top 10 Supernatural Researchers)

Brief review

Chuck Missler is one of the first mainstream Christian teachers brave enough to speak out and enter the world of “paranormal” late night radio with his early appearance on the Art Bell show about 15 years ago. His interview with Bell was on Art’s top 10 list and one of the most requested shows on his early personal website. (showing an incredible need by an overwhelmingly Christian audience of late night supernatural radio) These early years, pioneered by Bell only rarely brought on “Orthodox” Christian guests. Chuck is the everready bunny of supernatural christian teaching – responsible for one of the most extensive audio teaching libraries dating back to the early 1980s, all taught from a distinctly “Rational” and scientific background. A rational and scientific style capable of reaching other scientific minded individuals.

  • SRI is researching further biographical information on Chuck Missler – you can see a book review of Missler’s Alien Encounters here.

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