David Sereda (Top 10 Supernatural Researchers)

David Sereda

David Sereda is a brilliant researcher who sees the world through the lens of Christian Mysticism.  He is a self taught researcher who openly looks forward to the return of Christ. albeit from a  mystical point of view which combines many philosophies including Swedenborg, Hindu, Mormon and Catholic (Maryology) teachings. Add to this an encounter with a “being of light” or ascended master which first apeared to David many years ago.   One of these “entities” which claimed to be Christ himself gave Sereda some ‘orthodoxy’ but combined many additional teachings that would definately be outside of the historical Christian canon.

In Sereda’s own words

In 1994, at the darkest hour of my life, homeless, after the loss of my Eco-Veture capital company and having my tree planting earnings for the year scooped by the Tax Man, after planting 1 million trees over my lifetime, living in a tent in California, flooded in a severe rain storm, Jesus Christ appeared to me in a light 1,000 times brighter than our sun, and with a Glory of Innocence, Love, Ecstasy, Peace, Power, beauty, Wisdom and Grace even brighter. I fell to my face, unable to stand in the most awesome power in the Universe. I could see in one second that Jesus is God in the Highest. He was not a prophet as the Muslims, say, not a false prophet as many Jews say, but truly the Son of God, but God in the Highest disguised as a man, who merely appeared to be the son, but that the Father-Mother was hidden in him for those who could bear the sight of it.

Sereda’s encounter with a light being is remeniscent of Joseph Smith’s first encounter with the angel Moroni, and many other encounters throughout history by both Christian mystics and New age devotees. Ask your self why are these messages from these Light beings always slightly different? hundreds of documented encounters in our SRI research library and yet never a coherent agreeable message.

Jesus began to speak to me and took me on the most amazing discourse and journey of my life. I saw Hell, Purgatory and the multi level Heavens. In this book, people can learn what he told me, and also there are 2 more meetings with him, and one with Mary.

David Sereda’s research into the physics behind the UFO videos captured by NASA’s STS missions is brilliant in its intuition and perception of the possible mechanisims behind the #1 best documented UFO videos of all time.

A few years ago Sereda produced the one of the most popular UFO videos of recent years of on one interview documentary “Dan Aykroid unplugged” documenting yet another typical “rational’s’ understanding of the ufo phenomena.

I can not help but feel some kinship with this researcher. From an early UFO experience, Catholic upbringing to supernatural “mystical’ events. On the surface, historical Christian philosophy agrees with Sereda’s view of the “Godhood” of Jesus Christ except that his current views seem to have dropped the most important core philosophy of the tri-une nature of the Godhead – A core philosophy that was supernaturally kept from corruption by the Catholic church for two thousand years. The ancient scriptures do teach a coherent and seamless core philosophy that both protestants and catholics agree on. Unlike the dozens of philosophies we have learned from these “light beings” and ascended masters. Historical Christian philosophy teaches about a Triune God, a Trinity which culminated in a mission by an Extra Terrestrial we know as Jesus Christ.   A mission which redeemed humanity and gives all the opportunity to one day enter the “Fathers house”, beautifully and seamlessly completing the old testament story of Abraham’s attempted sacrifice of his own son Isaac. Stopped short by the Father, who in turn provided the sacrificial lamb both then and many years later on a cross at calvary.

We have included David Sereda’s very interesting lecture on his proposed physics solutions on UFO’s and their propulsion methods. This video combines great footage from two Nasa missions STS75 and STS80 – two of the most important UFO videos, documented by our own government.

Post Note: Please be sure. David Sereda is listed on SRI as a “Christian Researcher” and disagreements with certain philosophies in no way attempts to question his “Faith in Christ”. A faith that though different than my own shows genuine Love for the Lord of all.

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