Chicago UFO sighting: April 3, 2011 – Honest reporting is the real story.

Chicago April 2011 UFO video

UFO sighting in Chicago april 2011

Wonderful reporting by ABC in Chicago. The video was taken serious by all 3 newscasters.  They each had an understanding of how an “elitist” media in the past has dealt with these sightings, by questioning the observers as “non experts” in aeronautics or meteorological areas.  All three anchors went off script on this video. One claims to be an aviation expert and points out the UFO is not any aviation vehicle he is aware of – then the weatherman steps in and says he is an expert at meteorological phoenomena and this video has nothing to do with weather.  Naively adding that it needs to be reported to NASA (NASA does not have any department to investigate the thousands of intrusions into our sovereign air space by unidentified crafts). This level headed, honest reporting is the true story behind this ufo sighting and video. Click on image or link above to play or save video.

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