The Disappearence of the universe: by Gary Renard

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Of the hundreds of “Channeled” books we have in our SRI Library, Renard’s book was one of the most provocative, keeping my interest over the 2 nights it took to read.  This book placed Renard as a leading new age Guru’s carnying a well managed and strategic retelling of “the course of miracles”.
Did two ascended masters appear to Renard and give him 17 messages?  (a new age testament? The New Testament interestingly is divided into 17 books prophecy) We have 3 possibilities.
1. Renard is a marketing genius and a blatant pathological lier
2. Renard did meet with 2 “Angelic Beings” who called themselves masters and reincarnations of previous Biblical greats. (and a marketing genius)
3. Renard did meet with two “Fallen Angelic Beings’ who as described by St. Paul and Jesus himself  as fallen creatures incapable of truth – who in turn duped a willing and eager protege’.
Basic Research will show  that option #3 is the most likely possibility.  A  reader searching for truth with a  ‘neutral” view of historical Christianity will see a blatant and constant attack on the teachings within the ancient scriptures.  It is paradoxical how “beings’ who use the bible as evidence of their pre-existence go on to rip the very book which they use for credibility on the following page.  The contempt pointed towards St. Paul and his writings (which comprise 2/3 of the new testament) was spread out over several chapters.  A visceral hatred towards Paul which surely flowed to anyone who follows historical Christianity was expressed in one paragraph followed by a teaching of Love in the next!  If you as a reader find yourself unaware of this theme through out the book, you are possibly not neutral towards historical Chritianity and I worry that you too may join this Cult of Love that is capable of so much petty hatred.
As a philosopher at heart, I must state that option #2 is also a possiblity and Renard met two beings which can be called “ascended masters”.   I do not think the option of Renard being a pathological lier at the time of the publishing of this book to be possible, he supposedly wrote it some time after which  left room for minor errors, Though Renards new found ability of Chanelling at will in recent years may allow us to label him that today. At the time of the writing of this book I believe Renard retold his encounters with two entities as well as possible.
Renard’s base theology is that everything is an illusion, only God is real. Love all creatures and objects. Intense Meditation and acceptance of all religions. The latter principle of acceptance of “all” religions is simply lip service when it comes to historical Christianity, Renard’s Ascended master shows absolute disdain and hatred towards Christianity’s #1 teacher St. Paul. I guess Renard should simply state “Love all religions, Except Christianity”  Christian teaching on the material world, unlike the Illusionary world of (Maya) taught by Renard  that sin is nothing but ignorance of this virtual world. Christ and his apostles taught that the world does have an all to real objective reality and that the consequences of sin are death (a virtual no admittance stamp) to a real spiritual world that western theology speaks of as heaven. Personally I doubt that i could ever live up to the many “works” required for enlightenment within these new age teachings. Maybe I’m just lazy, but believing that Jesus Christ died on a real cross, on a real hill, shedding real blood as the final sacrificial lamb (eluded to and prophesied throughout the ancient Torah scriptures)
Real blood covering real sin, now thats a mind blowing supernatural concept.
Milton Thomas

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