Kingdom of the Cults: Walter Ralston Martin

SupernaturalResearch.com Review “Walter Martin changed my life” Is a phrase I have repeated dozens of times through out the last 20 years. And far too often I have met Christians who have never been acquainted with Walter’s books or his pioneering radio ministry (The Bible Answer Man). Kingdom of the Cults is a must have in every Christian library and a wonderful gift for non-Christians alike who are searching and asking questions about different religions. What a better way to help bring along a searching individual than showing them how so many religions AKA (cults) share so many common values and doctrine – and yet are diametrically opposed to the simple gospel of the bible. Walter starts out by explaining the “Language Barrier” and then proceeds to line up an honest and concise comparison of each religion’s core doctrines against the gospel. Here in America (USA) we are blessed with the highest percentages of citizens who “Believe in God”, though a paradox this also makes us one of the greatest and largest of mission fields – a vast kingdom of the cults. If possible listen to some of Walters old radio broadcasts or lectures Online. You will quickly see that Walter “Loved” and truly cared for those he was witnessing to. It was that genuine love of the Lord Walter showed in the midst of a strenuous debate or within the pages of Kingdom of the Cults which helped bring me to the realization that my own philosophical world view was lacking one simple component – “Grace”. A gift which sits unopened – waiting for each of us to simply accept. Milton Thomas / 2006
UPDATE 05/2011
Walter Martin was one of the earliest UFO’logers and we have found a wonderful lecture given by him on this subject. This is a must listen to audio lecture, One can listen to Walter Martins paradoxical un-Judgmental nature in his research on this subject.

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