Here we go again… Perigee on March 19th, be prepared for possible earthquakes

8:19pm March 10, 2011

On March 19th of this year the moon will be closer to Earth than it’s been in decades. The moon will appear about 14 percent larger and significantly brighter than usual. If history is to teach us anything, please be prepared for a possible earthquake in the early morning hours across most of California from Sacramento south  to San Diego – There may be multiple quakes along the “ring of fire” from now through perigree on the 19th of March.
March 19th marks this year’s lunar perigee, the point in the moon’s orbit at which it is closest to Earth. It’s the moon’s elliptical orbit that’s responsible for the differences in distance between the moon and Earth.  For detailed information, please visit Jim Berkland’s website for information and predictions from the man who predicted the loma prieta quake last time around…. We have a previous  in depth article written over a year ago after the Chile quake (one of the most visited on this website) on Jim Berkland “the Moon Man”, Maverick Geologist here


Post note:  Though California seems to have escaped any major earthquakes,  Japan suffered its largest earthquake in memorable history less than one hour after posting this warning. Considering that I have had only one phobia / fear in my entire life of  Tsunamis! Though I can single handidly walk into a mob of Union picketers to cross a picket line or walk into a sign waving crowd of progressive minnions in order to “try” to have a logical discussion. The fear of Tsunamis is engraved into my psche!   I sat in shock watching live feeds over the internet that same night.   In awe of the destructive power of our earth, and the realization of how infinitesimally small we really are, how silly to think an internet warning could help anyone in the wake of such destructive power. Our prayers for the survivors.

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