A modern day “Atlas Shrugged” Rossi & Focaldi’s Cold fusion invention will test America’s Libertarian Ideals

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As I write this article, energy company lobbyist are surely planning  on how to stop and curtail this technology from being allowed for personal use while attempting to monopolize the technology for themselves.

This home based mini reactor capable of producing 1kw of energy for pennies were recently unveiled by Andrea Rossi & Sergio Focardi on January 14, 2011 in Bologna, Itally. Currently they are building their first full scale energy plant using multiple reactors in Greece. In a March 23, 2011 interview Rossi said that he believes a single unit should only cost about 2000 dollars per kw system. That is about 1/8 of the current cost of a comparable solar system and with its material costs almost negligible (4oz of nickel powder per month) and (100 grams of hydrogen for 6 months!) It will surely out sell or at least force solar panel manufacturers to lower their heavily subsidized inflated prices. In the interview Rossi continued to explain how the system works –

“when the atomic nuclei of nickel and hydrogen are fused there is an extreme amount of energy! and the only by product is copper”

When naively asked by the host about government help and subsidies to speed up getting a consumer version in the interview a libertarian sounding Rossi basicly said no way! “I have invested my entire fortune into this technology, so that I will owe no one. there will be no need for subsidizing” It almost seems as if Andrea Rossi listened to or instinctively understands what Ayn Rand preaches in her many novels – he is truly a modern day hero similar to Ellis Wyatt of “Atlas Shrugged”

SRI’s primary worry as we look into the future will be regulations from our own government due to energy company lobbyist and complicit politicians. This meddling by our energy companies has surely already begun.   Rossi’s machines are actual “nuclear reactors” which use lead shielding to protect the consumer from the extreme amount of energy produced. After the reactions are done, proven to be nuclear and not chemical by 3rd party scientist at the university of Bologna -We are left with absolutely no nuclear waste of any kind.  The only by product is copper ore and a whole lot of Energe!  Gotta Love it. Home based nuclear reactors, without any of the waste that is causing so many problems for Japan today. These may be in almost every home in less than 5 years, but expect 20+ years if we allow our progressive governments to create monopoly’s as they almost certainly will.   To quote Ayn Rand in the following video (part 3 of a 3 part series – 2m mark)

“Under a free system no one can acquire a monopoly on anything, if you look at economic history you will discover that all Monopolies have been established by government intervention, with franchises and subsidies, in free competition no one can corner the market on any product. History will support me.”

With Ayn Rand’s epic book “Atlas Shrugged” finally being created into a film, I believe this discovery of virtually free energy is the modern day equivilance of  “Ellis Wyatt’s” role in  Atlas shrugged.  Andrea Rossi is the epitome of Ayn’s brilliant inventor.

The timeing of this discovery along with the film “Atlas Shrugged” is uncanny.  Lets hope and pray for Rossi & Focardi as they battle their most critical foe’s.  American & European governments.   Go out and watch “Atlas Shrugged”

Milton Thomas

For continued discovery on what this “cold fusion” invention will mean to mankind and its most likely previous “discovery” by American “Black” projects please see – Part 2

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