Anthem: by Ayn Rand

The following Book review was originally posted on Facebook’s Book Review Section about 2 years ago.  Even after 2100+ additional reviews it has remained as the #1 pro review.

Ayn Rand’s Anthem attempts to introduce the reader to her philosophical thought within the pages of a science fiction novella. Reminiscent of Huxley and Orwell in its brevity and social lessons. Ayn’s sole work of “fantastic fiction” is unknown to most – possibly because of its not so subtle vision of a world controlled by a “collectivist” dictatorship. A world that seems to be what Americas national media is so intent on establishing. Whether it is a musical instrument as portrayed in Rush’s 2112 (a rock opera tome to this book) or Rands electricity & incandescent Light-bulbs being outlawed and removed from collective history by those who know what is best for us. Rand’s vision is eerily similar to much of today’s American leftist ideals which have hijacked the democratic party. Ideals previously only spoken of between the intellectuals and social radicals are now being openly adopted within the halls of congress and our president. Ask yourself, who is it that is trying to outlaw incandescent light bulbs today for the greater good of society? Ironically our enlightened overseers are replacing this evil invention with one of the most toxic elements known to man……. Mercury based fluorescent bulbs! A toxic and ecological future nightmare. Rand paints a future that is extreme and exaggerated in order to validate her “objectivist” philosophy, yet to a North Korean citizen alive today in our modern world – its a future that is all too real.

Milton Thomas X

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