30th Aniversary of the Ronald Reagan Assasination attempt – brings to mind a Supernatural story behind the scenes

Jerry Parr - right place - at the right time

This is a wonderful story of possible coincidences or more likely the supernatural – but one thing is for certain, it is a near statistical impossibility.   Exactly 30 years ago today, Jerry Parr was a youngish looking 50 year old Secret Service Agent who had risen through the ranks to become the Special agent in charge of the white house detail, his job? Protect the president. In the new book Rawhide Down by Quentin Wilbur.  Wilbur not only gives Jerry Parr credit for saving the presidents life but he is also currently touring the country with Parr on behalf of his new minute by minute account of the Reagan assassination attempt, already at the top  of the New York times best seller list.   Yet, one of the most interesting and compelling stories related to this near tragedy in American history is that of Jerry Parr.   You see Jerry Parr did not just end up being a Secret Service  agent by chance, he did not fall into the job and he was not transferred from another agency. Almost 40 years earlier Jerry watched a film about secret service agents called “Code of the Secret Service” at the age of 9  his mind was made up – he would one day be an agent and do his part to protect the president. The actor who Jerry idolized as a child in this black and white 1940’s  “B” movie  – you guessed it – Ronald Reagan. The actor turned president who’s life  Parr would one day save.

Jerry Parr could have assigned himself to Ronald Reagan dozens of times earlier as the White House Agent in Charge. But he didn’t. He chose that fateful day, to assign himself to the president in hope of finally meeting and getting a chance to talk to his boyhood idol.

Recent interview of Jerry Parr on Video - Click to Play

30 Years Later, Secret Service Agent Remembers Assassination Attempt of President Ronald Reagan
Reagan Assasination attempt video

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