U.F.O.’s and Muslim Jinn

Two years ago when SRI was one of the first websites to report on the apparent aerial writing of the words “Allah” and “Mohammad” in the skies over Mexico city  – I was at first in disbelief.  Initially thinking the aerial phenomena looked more like helium balloons released by pranksters into the skies of Mexico.  Though always a skeptic,  research into this matter gave evidence that this phenomena is real and intelligently controlled crafts littered the skies of mexico on this day.

“Allah” in Arabic

At the time, SRI was one of the only websites reporting on this “Muslim Connection” from a Western point of view  (One Muslim UFO website gave their perspective) – As proof of Allah’s Jinn proclaiming the truth and salvation of man through Allah and his prophet Mohammad.

SRI followed this post (After two weeks of careful review and confirmation that the original film by Jaime Maison contained the same un-doctered video) See a copy of that video here Fast forward if you like to sections (32.50 – 34.2) After our review and research we have decided that Helium Balloons could never do such quick and rapid re-organization and constant movement across the skies. Especially in the segment highlighted by our Muslim UFO counterparts. Which we are posting  below showing the rapid and highly acrobatic movements required to change from the word “Allah to Mohammad” proselytizing a Muslim world view.

Mohammad in Arabic

This Video is likely  known of and seen by millions of Muslims and is being used as Proof that Aliens and UFO’s are friendly and approving of the Muslim faith.  Go ahead, ask your Muslim friend or co-worker.   I have. Many quietly know about this “Miracle” in Mexico.    In turn ask yourself how many Christians are aware of this Video?  The answer is very, very few. More evidence for this researcher of a coming UFO/Alien deception that will have Millions of Muslims on-board.  Is the writing Coincidence? after all the UFO formations are not perfect I first thought, but what are the chances of a near perfect Allah followed by a near perfect Mohammad?  it is possible, except there was a 3rd word spelled out just after Mohammad – The Arabic word for “Jinn” appeared immediately after as the clouds begin to block the video. (3) Arabic words in succession dealing with God, his earthly messenger (Mohammad) and his heavenly messengers (Jinn) – an Islamic trinity if you will – Where written in the skies of Mexico by a UFO fleet that seems to be messaging the Islamic world……This is truly a supernatural event.

Click on the text below to open or save this Muslim UFO Researchers proselytizing video.

Amazing Islamic Miracles. UFOs(Jinn ) over Mexico formed ALLAH MUHAMMAD words!

Stylized “Allah and Mohammad” in Caligraphy

It seems our original Google Video of Jaime Maussan is often down. below is a copy from youtube where the film had to broken up into 10 parts. The video of the February 27th 2005, ufo event begins at 3.20 seconds into part 4.  You got to admit, these crafts, entities, angels (fallen) or what ever you believe surely fly in beautiful acrobatic and precise movements.  Their entire dance in the skies above Mexico seem to mirror images of Arabic writing.  What else may they have written in the skies?

We have also posted a review of the Nation of Islam, Americas unique sect of the muslim religion that has a long standing understanding UFO’s including the NOI’s first (2) leaders claiming to actually have been taken up to the “Mother ship” .  What is interesting in our post is the realizations that Farrakhan actually gives the number of smaller ships that are occasionally released by the mother ship, along with their shape, size and even their bomb carrying capacity!   The numbers and size of these entities over mexico seem to perfectly match Farrakhan’s descriptions.

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  1. Shane Schuller says:

    I think people, belelieving/faithful people, tend to see what they want to see according to their belief and find value in it – like assuming its a message. Some have claimed to find it in meat, rocks, fish and so forth.

    Personally I believe, if God (Allah) had a message for mankind, then there are other method more viable than UFO craft attempting it. Such as, through prayer, one experiencing and intrinsic message.

    I am believer that UFO’s exist and that they visit from other worlds. They’re human beings like us and experience much challenges like we do. Physical and spiritual challenges. They’re not better than us – we all equal except evolving at difference educational and observational experiences, that’s all. Their are both benevolent and malevolent visitors each having their own intent and agendas. We are the ones that gotta be aware and remain cautious lest we harm our own souls/beliefs etc. mankind has experienced this many times in our ancient past. Religious boons are full of these stories. Mankind was more than once more advanced than we are today. Proof is out there. We cannot even repeat the megalithic structures with our current technology and skill.

    Quran describes Jinn seemingly as through they are extra-dimensional beings, but when we look closely and endeavor comparative study to older religious texts, we learn who Jinn really are. In Genesis they’re are Nephilim – the fallen ones, the fallen angels. They’re also the described as “sons of gods” and giants, and perhaps as men of renown. Solomon story shows Jinn helped/showed built weapons of war. They are humans and they were referred to as Satan. In fact satan is mistakably perceived as an individual, but when investigated we learn it is actually an appelation for a group of people or beings. It is Ha-Satan.

    Also be aware that the satan were referred to as a serpent being, race or glass. We know no such beings exist. However I can be certain, given much research, that they were referred to this way because of their place of origin. Like one is referred to as Indian, Chinese and so forth, their reptilian reference comes from the fact that they came from a Serpent star systems. Also more importantly due to their Nordic appearance and eye Colour and bloodshot skin, which was associciated with the closest known reference. Adam man skin tone was very different vs these people. Since we mention Adam here, we can learn another interesting fact. Cain and Abel were bi-paternal twins. Yes 2 different fathers and therefore Seth was revered through mankinds genetic linages and not Cains off spring. Why?

    We can argue since he killed his brother he was a sinner in gods eyes, right? No because is it fair that off spring are held accountable for their parents sins? Obviously not. The reasons are evident and the story of gods favoritism over Abel is more than enough to establish this theory.

    Anyway, what I’m saying is that aliens are humans and jinn are humans too. Only difference being they are humans that aposed a universal law by intervening in an evolving race. They had off spring with humans on earth and claimed land, traded intergalactically with gold etc. Their children were royalty and ruled nefariously and ‘slaughtered’ any who would act against their plans. These were large corporations and allowed nothing and no one to stand in their way. Thus we will find stories in scriptures about Gods and angels and wars and nuclear type attacks and so forth. Besides, there is ample evidence of these wars and large empires that once existed, as well as gold mines.

    • Babel says:

      Thank you for your observations. very interesting post . I agree that we “see” according to our pre conceived ideas and world view…. but “patterns” go beyond this. The patterns in the sky show (3) Muslim words in succession. These (3) Islamic words happen to reference “God” and spiritual things. This “writing” in the sky brings a “possible order” to the events in mexico that seemed totally random to the average viewer. finding order in what seems to be disorder is my obsession – and yet when ever i find impossible correlations I am always referred back to seeing things based on my “belief system”. I certainly have a “world view” that paints my understanding today – yet the main point of the research article is simply to show an event that is beyond our understanding…. I have simply reported my personal view (one of many possibilities) based on the philosophical “ideas” and “concepts” we read in the Judeo-Christian writings. Again, your post was very insightful!

    • satman says:

      i think allah elohim in the bible had already give us signs showing us his presence & his majesty depending times & civilisations i guess you read all the books but you didn’t for quran i think you should you’ll find out answers of your quetions thanks ! n.b nowadays the air army is the most powerful thing on earth that’s why the sign as i call that a sign for this civilisation that the army of god is even powerful than mankind one i hope you understand

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