Paul H. Smith – Army Major (ret) has written a new article about remote viewing & dowsing

army major paul h. smith

Editing the SRI website now for a few years I am occasionally reminded of the events that formed my early understanding  of what we have simply termed the  “Supernatural” .  These are events that simply defy  logic and statistics as we  understand.  Major Paul H. Smith’s recent article on “Technical Dowsing” is posted here

This “Dowsing” article is a reminder of a personal event I have recounted to friends and family. An event that I am sure many SRI readers  can relate too.

I was in the 5th grade and taking a placement exam for “English and writing”. These were my worst subjects – so what does an 11 year old kid who believes in a omniscient creator do?  100 questions with 4 possible answers each to fill in with your number two pencil.  I  created a system and method of dowsing – placing my index and middle fingers in a peace symbol and waiting for one finger to twitch.  Index finger meant A, middle – B, etc. A good catholic boy,  I prayed to God to make the proper finger twitch.   The questions were so difficult to me that I had to place (4) fingers in the air for at least 1/2 the exam because I was so clueless to the differences between adverbs and adjectives etc.

So what were the results?  My teacher, a wonderful nun from “the sisters of providence ”  Sister Margarita scolded me the next day for “cheating”,   she of all people new English was my worst subject.    I had scored the highest grade in the class, missing only 1 question and placed at a highschool level.    I could not tell her I used dowsing,  I simply told her a half truth, I guessed. She “rightfully” accused me of cheating and voided my test!  All this while I was thanking God for this little miracle.

As an ENTP personality since childhood honesty was very important to me, and though I did not cheat in the normal sense of copying answers etc. I never again used dowsing for my schoolwork.  As a Christian today and looking back I believe that Sister Margarita was in many ways right.  I was using an ability (available to everyone) that turned the deck in my favor.  The moral consequences and implications I have yet to completely figure out even today. Though the ancient scriptures in general seem to  warn us to stay away from “divination”.    Surely remote viewing our military adversaries is moral?  picking the numbers for the fantasy 5 lotto? That you must decide for yourself.

Personally I have had an  obsession with vice presidential pics begining in 1999 (article here) and my published article picking the  2008 republican and democratic vp nominees months before their nominations. using historical research as the key to  ‘remote viewing” future possible events here.

Fast forward  30 some years when I first heard Paul H. Smith speaking on the radio about his time working for the Government as an army major and getting paid as a  “remote viewer”,  along with his new ventures into dowsing.   Just 5 Minutes into this interview I yelled out  “A fellow ENTP for sure”.   His personality and nature were definitely that of an extroverted “Inventor” like myself, which he confirmed just a few moments later  – Explaining that ENTP temperaments were a rare commodity in the U.S. Armed forces, and that he was chosen for his position in the “stargate” project specifically because of his God given temperament.

The internet is home to several Remote Viewers,  most riding their fame rightfully earned by being part of the U.S. Governments Stargate and RV projects.   Paul H. Smith is the most honest of all these Government Remote viewers who have taken advantage of their positions to sell and hock seminars, books and training courses these last 15 years.   Just listen to any of his interviews or read his articles –    If you are thinking of registering for classes or purchasing books on remote viewing, dowsing etc.  please consider and support Paul H. Smith who though he does not have all the “hype” of many of his contemporaries  he surely does treat all  his clients with honesty and sincerity.

You can reach Paul H. Smith at the following websites:



We have posted his most recent article / media here:

Technical dowsing and Stargate article

2 Responses for “Paul H. Smith – Army Major (ret) has written a new article about remote viewing & dowsing”

  1. Babel says:

    Thanks Paul, I’ve admired your work for many years now. And though I had been too busy (with all those other projects!) to even log on to sri last month that little quiet voice prodded me to log on in the early morning hours while at a clients office doing an all nighter. a minute later and after a screen refresh your comment came up on the screen!. It was a wonderful encourgagement, especially after a very tough week. God Bless you brother.

  2. Paul says:

    I came across your blog by happenstance this evening. I much appreciate — and am humbled by — the praise you have given me. And I am always pleased to encounter another ENTP. I have always gotten along with other ENTPs — whenever we weren’t too busy juggling our many uncompleted projects to hang out together!

    Warm regards,

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