Historical research as a basis of remote viewing? Sarah Palin & U.S. History

I had felt this before on a handful occasions in my life,  I was just given a glimpse at the future after many hours of research, study and prayer.  So what does a good christian do who is late with some bills?   Place a $50 bet on Biden/Palin as the future VP nominees that could return you 20,000 dollars of course.  Try as I could, I could not get the British sport book Paddypower.com who had 400 to 1 odds take  my bet from here in the states.  (It is Illegal I learned)   Oh well, I thought, those 400 to 1 odds were probably correct – what real chance did these two have of getting the nominations?

Below is the article as published.

History may pick Sarah Palin as our next republican vice presidential nominee

Originally posted by milton thomas xxxxxxx on July 29, 2008
posted on world net daily, revised version published at associatedcontent.com

Americas self imposed 4 year cycle of presidential elections is one that has moved elegantly through history. Moving left then right and back again over and over, never stopping always moving forward along times arrow. This unobstructed cycle which was first put into motion by our constitution over two centuries ago is a visible mark on our planets timeline. It launched the U.S. as on one of the most successful implementers of “democracy” on earth.

Imagine an election with a tough and politically battle tested republican. His white hair evidence of his age and likeliness of him being the last veteran to run for president who had also served his country in a terrible war some 35 years earlier. His solution to the bloody insurgency overseas is simple. Victory. On the other side of the aisle there is a rising young star, just 4 years earlier this young man gave the most talked about speech at the democratic convention, captivating many with his deep voice and commanding speaking ability. He broke out early by being the most ardent and eloquent critic of the war. With dyslexic charm he spoke of the brutality of our armed forces and apparent imperialism of the current administration. Always reminding us of the needless 4200 plus American deaths lost so far to a bloody insurgency. His solution to the war is also simple, bring the troops home.

This all sounds so familiar that it could have been written to describe the election of 2008 between Senators Barack Obama and John McCain, but the convention in which our young democratic orator made his mark was held in the year 1896. The election was battled throughout the summer and fall of 1900. A contest between Democrat William Jennings Bryan also known as the ‘boy orator’ and Republican William McKinley, the last civil war president and 20 plus year veteran of U.S. Congressional politics. The war was the Spanish American war which had already been technically won quickly and decisively, yet a bitter insurgency still waged on in the Philippines.

“The more things change, the more they stay the same”

“We know the past but can not control it, we control the future but can not know it”

On the democratic side Jennings Bryan chose George Dewey, a recent naval hero who had achieved the navy’s top rank as “Admiral of the navy” a hero who won the battle of Manila bay with out any loss of life using tactics that put few soldiers at risk. Dewey made his own run for the white house in 1900 but verbal gaffs and political naivete’ allowed the eloquent Jennings Bryan to surpass him.

Fast forward 108 years and we are left with two democratic possibilities – 1st Wesley Clark, a recently retired military leader who received a similar high ranking designation as “Supreme Allied Commander Europe” and helped win an entire war with similar tactics to Dewey while risking few American lives through the use of Air power vs Dewey’s naval superiority. the 2nd possibility is Senator Joe Biden, Like Dewey Biden had previous aspirations for the presidency himself but was stopped by his own verbal gaffs and politically naive statements early in previous primaries. Deweys Gaffs are all “History” snippets seem to remember about this Lifelong public servant and  only time will tell what Joe Biden will be remembered for 100 years from now?

“If History plays out”

On the Republican side – because of the assassination of McKinley just a few months after his inauguration we are left with a fractured timeline. And must view Teddy Roosevelt as both President and VP. Interestingly, John McCain himself is a TR “type” – the quintessential maverick (progressive) Republican who openly compares himself to TR at just about every turn and claims him as his most admired president. Because of this we must also look to TR’s own choice for his vice president of Charles Warren Fairbanks in 1904. (Teddy Roosevelt had no VP in his previous administration) And it is here where we may have a clue that history has left for us. Possibly the only way to have two mavericks on one ticket is for the veep to be a Lady!

On December 4Th 2006, a first in Alaskan politics occurred when Sarah Palin, a conservative reformer, conservationist & lifetime member of the NRA became the first Alaskan female Governor in history. This maverick, elegant woman with 5 kids to boot also has the current highest approval rating of all governors. She had no problems in breaking with the long held tradition of holding the governors inauguration at the state capital in Juneau. She changed the venue without a second thought to……… You guessed it –

Fairbanks Alaska. The only major city in America named for a vice president, Teddy Roosevelt’s vice presidential pick.

Milton Thomas X

*Can not what we call Intuition simply be “listening to the Holy Spirit?”

But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you. Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.
John 14.26

The article above was originally published in July of 2008, over a month prior to the nominations.  Initially I had written the article with Joe Biden and Sarah Palin as my pics for the VP nominations but “Biden” surely could not be VP with all his verbal gaffs?  So I  published a revised version, a mistake traditional remote viewers must deal with –  Listening to your own “rational” thoughts to make these supernatural observations.    I would argue that it is the “helper” Christ spoke of after his Resurrection which Christians understand as the “Holy Spirit” that we must listen to.  When I told my wife I was changing the article to include the “obviously” better and more rational choice of Wesley Clark she told me “go with your first gut instinct” a lesson I have now learned.  Be aware that Palin nor Biden were on any top 10 lists of possible nominees at the time, and very few people outside of Alaska had a clue to who Sarah Palin was including myself on the evening I chose to research / remote view the nominees through the use of historical research.  Though I began with what I consider to be prayer (I did clearly state my target, began historical research while paying attention to my intuition*) I have always described our physical earthly experience to that of a needle on an old vinyl record and spiritual matters to that of digital / laser disks.  Unlike digital technology vinyl gets scratched and worn with age, the harder they are played the sooner they simply wear out.  Now Imagine that needle being you in time…. as you research the past that is rubbing up to your left shoulder (the record spinning represents time)  you are also simultaneously rubbing your right shoulder with the future.  The trick is to simply be aware that this reality exists! Einstein proved this long ago, that is why paradoxically, it is fervent researchers who study our nations past that seem to have the best handle on what is coming down both politically and spiritually in our not to distant futures. Futures that the gift of free will allows you and me to decide.

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