U.S. Government WikiLeaks cables include Extra Terrestrials according to Julian Assange

12/6/2010julian assange claims ufo / extra terestrial documents part of the recent cablesThe Telegraph asserts that Julian Assange may release cables that speak of  “Extraterrestrials”.  Assange though claims they have yet to meet WikiLeaks criteria of the cables being original and not self authored?  Realy.   Also in typical media fashion the report could not help mentioning UFO’s, little green men and the waco’s who have been contacting them with refferences to the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ.  Interesting.   Why is it that serious reports of supernatural / extra terestrial matters always find ways of branding adherents as crazy’s and waco’s?

SRI predictions:  Julian Assange will not spend one day in prison for this or his rape accusations.  And his UFO leaks will never see the light of day, they seem to be an attempt at a creating a bargaining chip to secure his freedom. Their timeing, out of no where followed by a silly explanation for them not meeting wikileaks high ideals are laughable.

Think about this for a moment….  your within a few days of indictment either by the U.S. or the police for rape accusations and you bring up “UFO’s and Extraterrestrials”?

I have information about Extraterestrials and a goverment conspiracy!  but I am such a moral person that I wont release this information because it does not meet the high level of confirmation we at WiKiLeaks demand!

You can find the original report here at the UK’s Telegraph

UPDATE 06/06/11

6 months have passed since this original article and Julian Assange has not spent one day in jail. Be absolutely sure that he is holding ET information close to the vest to insure his freedom.

UPDATE 1/6/2012

Over 1 Year has passed and Jullian Assange is on what the media is calling (perpetual) conditional bail. Still free, still holding on to information.

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