Hollywood vs. the Aliens: by Bruce Rux

Hollywood vs. the Aliens

SupernaturalResearch.com Editorial Review:  Excellent data rich book looking at the complex and intertwined worlds of the hollywood production machine and its (possible) complicity with a government UFO disinformation policy. Bruce Rux is intense in his historical research. Though I do not agree with all of Rux’s premises, it is a book loaded with possible conspiracies. Being part of the hollywood production machine for several years (Computer animation studio) and seeing the ugly methods of pre-production and story production first hand – I personally see these films not being hardwired by human agents of a government conspiracy but possibly manipulated much more subtly by supernatural propaganda from agents of a spiritual conspiracy instead – a conspiracy we are taught about in the bible. Their are plenty of UFO’s, Aliens, battles between beings  good and bad (referred to as angels) along with the mention by Jesus Christ himself that our world and the spiritual world are incredibly intertwined – All of this can be found within the pages of your Guideons holy bible.  Does this prove a conspiracy by the executives of all the hotel chains?  (Milton Thomas / 2007)

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