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Though SRI does not support or endorse all the conspiracies & views of David Icke, there is no denying he is a brilliant rational who at times seems to cross the line into “madness”  and yet I find it interesting that many of his conceptual views of  what we call reality –  parallel what I would call “Biblical conspiracies” or as theologians prefer – “prophecy”.   Though I find David Icke often on the opposite side of these conspiracies,  he is also often enough in complete agreement with the  Judeo-Christian world view! (A difficult position considering he is often militant to both Christians and Jews)  A born contrarion,  Imagine Christopher Hitchens’ spiritual twin…..Icke is  someone researchers need to be watching.  For more information see our David Icke paper here

We’ve just posted a more recent interview from September, 2012 between David Icke and   Alex Jones.

Latest Interview from September, 2012

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  3. Peter Cormack says:

    We are on the cusp of discovery where science looks likely to meet spirituality in the quantum field in the not too distant future – that’s a given by many leading scientists & theoreticians today. Stuff IS GOING TO GET WIERD. Those who can’t adapt their thinking are going to have a tough time.
    Have a nice day.

  4. Magalovski says:

    I believe that if all that stuff is real, Mr. Icke would be more endangered than Julian Assange with his wikileaks. Maybe the only truth is that Mr. Icke sells tons of books every year and his speeches yields him lots and lots of money. he probably’s got a nicely stuffed bank account on the back of internet retards. I know – my current incarnation channels Barney the Dinosaur, king of the reptilian invaders, and he says it’s all rubbish.
    The real lizard rulers would never let you bunch of neo–occultists get all new agey in such a public way would they?
    Unless you are all lizards!
    Maybe David is. He looks a bit like one.

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