A rash of recent UFO Headlines across “traditional” media

The Telegram.com reports on August 9th recently released records of a UFO sighting at Gander Airport in Canada.  Read the convincing UFO report at theTelegram.com

The Leader from the UK revisits a January 23, 1974 UFO event in this article published on August 5th.  Know as the “Berwyn Mountains incident” you can read more about it at The Leader

Colchester, England has been inundated with UFO reports this week.  The Chelsmsford weekly news online has an interesting article describing slow traveling round disks in the sky.  here are a few quotes, you be the judge.  The eye witness accounts describe an object very similar to the UFO seen and documented in an excellent 48 minute video we have here at SRI known as the Yukon 1996 UFO sighting – the descriptions from the current sighting in England seem to match the following 3D recreations from the documentary.

Click here for our Yukon 1996 UFO Video page

“We saw this round disk in the sky. It had so many lights on it I was shocked. It wasn’t a plane.

“It stood still in the air, then looked like it was landing in the field.

“I ran out the back to take a photo, but when I got out back it was gone.

“I will never forget what I saw. This was no Chinese lantern. It was some kind of ship, but I’m not sure what.”

Read the full article at this local newspaper here:  Chelmsford Weekly News

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