Phone In your UFO Report


SRI & UFOreport.org are combining forces.  (technology & equipment) You can now phone in your UFO report whether it was as recent as today, or 30 years ago. simply call the following phone number 805-876-4-UFO (4-836) and be sure to read the following notes and helpful hints in order to record your sighting for posterity on the non-profit reporting organization  UFOreport.org

If we do not answer live for a one on one interview, you can still record your sighting report.

You will have a 3 minute recording time

This is plenty of time for a detailed report.  If nervous or you would like to start over, simply do your best to describe the following points, Dont worry about the order, or if you get all the information we have listed, the important thing is to be your self and describe the event as you may have described it to a friend.  The human voice is the ultimate Lie Detector and it is our hope to document sincere reports here and at UFOreport.org

CALL:  805-876-4UFO  (greeting will be from Milton)

I use this line for standard business calls as well.  remember 3 minutes is a long time for recording…  relax and simply tell us  your eyewitness story…

1.  State first name only:

2.  State the date, month and year.  (if not sure, month and year at the minimum, if you are making an honest guess simply state it)

3.  State the shape of the object – (fireball, disk, triangle, cigar, round etc.)

4.  State the location of the sighting

5.  Any other visual descriptions, (size, color, material, distance,  etc.)

6.  State the length of the sighting

7. State the Time (morning, evening, afternoon, or actual time)

8. Have you ever witnessed other events in your lifetime?

9.  Were there any other eyewitnesses with you,  If yes,  may they be willing to record a sighting report?

10. If  we did not answer live and you would prefer an actual interview:  Please leave your name and phone number for a call back with professional radio/audio equipment (one on one interviews may be used on national radio) Your anonymity is our greatest concern unless  you give us permission for using your full name please simply give us your first name  or a stated Alias.

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