Maitreya Rael Predicts Imminent Wave of UFO Sightings Throughout China

Maitreya Rael Predicts Imminent Wave of UFO Sightings Throughout China

Coinciding with the Chinese Airport UFO sightings reported here at SRI last month, The RAELIANS are at it again spreading their ufo cult religion which walks lock step with what most Judeo-Christian  UFOlogers have come to understand as the most likely events that will come to pass as described in the pages of our ancient writings.  Are the Raelians just playing to christian  apologist who describe the most possible “coming deception”  being ufo events that even the elect of christendom will fall into and believe.   Raelians paint  such a scenario right out of their most recent web posts which are often  picked up by all international news wires.

LAS VEGAS, Aug. 17 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Maitreya Rael, founder and leader of the International Raelian Movement, announced in a statement released today that a UFO that appeared over the Hangzhou airport, forcing authorities to close that facility, is “just the beginning of a huge wave of UFO apparitions that will appear starting now all over China.”

“These UFO s are the vessels used by the Elohim, our creators from space who were described in all ancient Chinese traditions, and who a long time ago had children with the Chinese,” Rael said. “That’s why the Chinese call themselves ‘children from the sky.'”

He added that the Elohim wish to have an embassy built to officially welcome them back to Earth, and they would like it to be built in China.

Their reasonings being:

“But the traditional wisdom of China restrains it from colonizing other populations and perpetrating genocides as the Europeans did,” Rael said. “Even with what will soon be the biggest and most powerful army in the world, China doesn’t have military bases around the world to dominate others, unlike the United States, which has 180 bases worldwide to guarantee world domination.”

“To generate interest in this project, the Elohim are launching a huge campaign of apparitions all over China so the Chinese will read the messages I have brought to humanity,” Rael said. “And it’s also to urge the Chinese government to accept the building of the Elohim Embassy in China,

He added, “The truth is that more and more UFOs will be seen all over China, and the authorities will soon have to recognize that they are real UFOs.”

Brigitte Boisellier, spokesperson for the International Raelian Movement said the messages given to Maitreya Rael by the Elohim when they met in central France in 1973 and 1975 explain not only that there is no god, but that there is no evolution either, since all life on earth was created in laboratories through genetic engineering by the Elohim. She said “Elohim” is a plural Hebrew word meaning “those coming from the sky,” but was mistakenly translated as “god” by primitive people.

“So the Elohim, though human like us, are thousands of years more scientifically advanced than us,” she explained. “They created all life on Earth, including human beings. And now that we ourselves are reaching a scientific understanding of the universe, they wish to contact us officially to help us enter a new era of permanent peace brought by science and technology.”

SOURCE Raelian Movement
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