July UFO Reports

July 2010 UFO Reports

The Following Reports can be viewed in their entirety at NUFORC.ORG , the National UFO reporting Center headed by pioneer investigator Peter Davenport, one of the most honest and sincere researchers in the USA.
Date / Time City State Shape Duration Summary Posted

7/29/10 09:00 Lakewood CO Unknown 10 Minutes Silver Object, flashing and floating in place. Commercial Flight Altitude. 7/29/10
7/29/10 01:58 South Elgin IL Light it has been 10 minutes an A round shaped light with no movement. ((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Jupiter, or another celestial body?? PD)) 7/29/10
7/29/10 00:58 Dayville CT Light Seconds Two women see green streak; power failure in town; green flash 30 minutes later 7/29/10
7/28/10 23:45 Walatka FL Light 6 minutes Orange glowing balls over rural Florida Lake. 7/29/10
7/28/10 23:00 Lansing MI Light 10 minutes + Black cloud like objects with one or more white lights moving within and between the black areas. 7/29/10
7/28/10 23:00 Toronto (Canada) ON Light 8 seconds ‘Star’ close to The Plough fades to nothing 7/29/10
7/28/10 22:10 Orlando FL Light 15 sec spotted fast moving object in the sky that gets larger and brighter than anything in the sky,then quickly disappears 7/29/10
7/28/10 22:00 Vancouver WA Fireball 10 min. Huge fireball. ((NUFORC Note: Meteors are not visible for 10 minutes’ duration. PD)) 7/29/10
7/28/10 21:00 Allen TX Unknown 45 mins large shape in the air with bright beam light around it. hovering in one spot would appear to move smooth but quickly side to side 7/29/10
7/28/10 10:30 Chicago IL Fireball 60 seconds Orange lighted fireballs over north side of Chicago. 7/29/10
7/28/10 00:08 Clayton CA Circle 3-4 minutes Circular craft with red and blue rotating lights flying above Mt. Diablo slowly descended towards land near Clayton, CA. 7/28/10
7/28/10 00:00 Houston TX Disk 5 min. 6/28/2010 houston tx saucer shape with 15 lights at perimeter 7/28/2010 hou tx triangle with cluster lights, 7/29/10
7/28/10 00:00 Minneapolis MN Oval 15 mins a oval ring of 11 light sources. seen for about 15 mins , taken shots of the sighting 7/28/10
7/28/10 00:00 CO/WY border (Rocky Mtns.) CO Fireball 10 minutes Three friends including myself went on a drive north towards the Wyoming border to shoot my brothers new gun. The car got stuck in some 7/28/10
7/27/10 23:00 Orem UT Changing 5 minutes We saw a group of about 12 dim lights moving together in the night sky in a graceful fluid pattern. 7/28/10
7/27/10 21:30 Port Angeles WA Triangle 20 seconds I was outside smoking a cigarette (I know it’s bad for me) and I am a college student who recently took an Astronomy course so I love t 7/28/10
7/27/10 21:00 Glenview IL Fireball 3 min Glenview, july 27, 2010, approximately at 9 pm . saw fireball on the top of Jewel -Osco for 3 min 7/28/10
7/27/10 19:30 Metz WV Cigar 2 min Cigar shaped no wings or tail. no sound or contrail. Disappeared. 7/28/10
7/27/10 05:30 Phoenix AZ Other 3 seconds ((HOAX??)) teriffying and amazing 7/29/10
7/27/10 01:00 Sedro Woolley WA Disk 4 hours AT APROX 0100 hrs., wo lights came down to my truck on the way home. 7/29/10
7/27/10 00:15 Cranston RI Other 20 minutes Pulsating white, red, geen light in the Western Sky of Rhode Island. ((NUFORC Note: Sighting of star. PD)) 7/28/10
7/27/10 00:10 Salt Lake City UT Triangle 2 Minutes Possible explainations of what i saw in Salt Lake City last night 7/29/10
7/27/10 00:10 Salt Lake City UT Triangle 2 Minutes Orange “flaming” Triangle over Salt Lake City dissappears 7/28/10
7/26/10 23:05 Lee’s Summit MO Sphere 3-5 minutes Orange glowing balls form a triangle in Lee’s Summit, MO 7/28/10
7/26/10 23:04 Manson WA Teardrop 2.5 minutes it was weird and unexplainable 7/28/10
7/26/10 23:00 Sault Ste Marie (Canada) ON Light 2 Nights Multiple white lights and a Whitel light with Red shining through 7/28/10
7/26/10 22:49 Falmouth ME Disk 15 seconds Four Red Saucer Shaped Objects Fly Over Falmouth, Maine 7/28/10
7/26/10 21:35 Fraser MI Teardrop 5-10 minutes Round object with a web of lights making it teardrop shaped, moved toward earth, back up, north, then west. 7/28/10
7/26/10 08:07 Bensenville IL Circle 5min At approximately 8:07am looking east towards O’Hare airport , I seen two objects in the sky.

It was a sunny morning with some clouds

7/26/10 02:30 Vacaville CA
5 seconds I HEARD A UFO ON MT. VACA AT 2:30 AM VACAVILLE, CA. 7/28/10
7/26/10 00:19 Middletown OH Unknown 1 HR 1/2 UFO Sighting in Middletown Ohio. Real. 7/28/10
7/25/10 22:30 Bozeman/Belgrade (between) MT Sphere 5 seconds? 2nd incident since July 16th, slow streaking object on the 25th, erratic movement on the 16th. 7/28/10
7/25/10 21:30 Selah WA Disk 7 seconds UFO over selah wa 7/28/10
7/25/10 21:00 Lahaina HI Chevron 15-30 minutes three boomerang shaped objects, red/orange in color 7/28/10
7/25/10 20:40 Troy to Montgomery AL Circle 1:20 min Bright White Light that followed us! 7/28/10
7/25/10 20:30 Oklahoma city OK Cylinder 15 Min Inverted craft 40+ft long over North Oklahoma City hovering moving and changing directions 7/28/10
7/25/10 14:00 South Surrey (Canada) BC Other a few moments. Stange object over crescent beach filmed with highspeed camera. 7/28/10
7/25/10 03:00 Wilmington DE Other 1 hr 30 min. Brightly lit object floating silently near tall trees. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly Jupiter in the southern sky. PD)) 7/28/10
7/25/10 02:35 Duluth MN Circle 15 seconds Bright blue-green ball with trailing light tail 7/28/10
7/25/10 01:30 St. Louis (Sappington/Crestwood) MO Light 45 minutes white lights moving within the clouds in irregular circular formation. ((NUFORC Note: Possibly advertising lights. PD)) 7/28/10
7/25/10 01:00 Edmonds WA Cone 1 Hour Rainbow orb/cone. 7/28/10
7/25/10 00:05 Windsor Great Park (Berkshire) (UK/England)
Other 1 minute As we were driving through Windsor Great Park in the county of Berkshire, United Kingdom, both myself and my girlfriend witnessed from 7/28/10
7/25/10 00:00 Paris KY Fireball 5 min Saw a red and orange fireball traveling slow speed wasnt coming down it was going up then it looked like the fire went out and it disap 7/28/10
7/24/10 22:55 Minetto NY Triangle 2 minutes 4 triangle shaped objects traveling in formation and one by one disappeared in the sky over Minetto, NY 7/28/10
7/24/10 22:00 Everett WA Light 60 seconds white blinking lights over everett wa 7/28/10
7/24/10 21:00 Vancouver (Canada) BC Light 10 minutes Lights over north shore mountains in Vancouver 7/28/10
7/24/10 20:41 Half Moon Bay CA Circle 10 minutes 7-24-10 Yellow-orange bright lit circular object moving vertical and horizontal seen in Half Moon Bay CA. 7/28/10
7/24/10 11:25 Portland OR Circle 15 seconds disk in the sky in the middle of the day 7/28/10
7/24/10 11:20 Davis CA Light 5 min Light that moved. 7/28/10
7/24/10 09:40 Temecula CA Fireball Backyard Red bright light flighs across the dim sky!! 7/28/10
7/24/10 02:00 Gainesville VA Fireball 2 hours Saw an object in ithe Western sky flashing red and green lights with a bright white light as well which moved in irratic directions 7/28/10
7/24/10 01:00 Williston ND Triangle over 5 hours triangle sighting that was in the same spot for over 4 hours only moved in figured 8 ways ((NUFORC Note: Probably not a UFO. PD)) 7/28/10
7/24/10 00:50 Kingwood TX Changing 5 minutes Multi-colored pulsing light in sky. ((NUFORC Note: Venus is in the northwest sky, at the time indicated. PD)) 7/28/10
7/24/10 00:45 Columbus OH Cigar 5 minutes Reddish white lights on a slow moving black near silent object flies across columbus sky 7/28/10
7/24/10 00:00 Oklahoma City OK Circle 3 hours Circular craft blinking red, yellow, orange, green, blue. ((NUFORC Note: Possible twinkling star, or celestial body, perhaps? PD)) 7/28/10
7/23/10 21:30 Huntington Beach CA Light 5:00 Zig-zagging point of light. 7/28/10
7/23/10 21:15 Seattle WA Other 15-25min Visually observed and photographed pentagon-shaped/faceted object; light colored/no lights. ((NUFORC Note: Probably not a UFO. PD)) 7/28/10
7/23/10 19:30 Westboro MA Oval 20 minutes bright flashing object at dusk northeast sky 7/28/10
7/23/10 14:24 Gatlinburg TN Unknown 1sec I was taking photos in the smoky mountains while on vacation. ((NUFORC Note: Possible bird. PD)) 7/28/10
7/23/10 09:45 Orlando FL Formation ongoing 07/23/10 dual lights (no strobes)above the Orlando area ,multiple helicopters around object(s) 7/28/10
7/23/10 01:00 Jamestown NC Circle
Very bright colorful lights. 7/29/10
7/23/10 00:30 Rohnert Park CA Fireball 60 seconds Flickering gold light, inaudible, slowly moving along a low cloud ceiling 7/28/10
7/22/10 23:30 Lincoln NC Light ten minutes not sure unexplainable bright light hovering at treetop level off highway 7/28/10
7/22/10 22:30 Herculaneum MO Fireball 10 min flaming orange object flying in sky 7/28/10
7/22/10 22:00 Indian Beach NC Disk 5 – 8 seconds Brilliant orange saucer shaped object high over ocean near Indian Beach, NC was observed and then reappeared appox. 15 minutes later. 7/28/10
7/22/10 22:00 Emerald Isle NC Triangle 5 min. UFO over Emerald Isle, NC 7/22/2010 7/28/10
7/22/10 21:48 Pine Knoll Shores NC Circle Ten seconds yellow-orange circular lights sighted above beach in nc 7/28/10
7/22/10 21:30 Rutland VT Fireball 10min WOW 7/28/10
7/22/10 21:30 Emerald Isle NC Circle 45 minutes 4 red/amber lights seen 4 times in 45 minutes- no sound, circular shape- clear night. 7/28/10
7/22/10 21:30 Harkers Island NC Light 4-6sec. 5 TO 6 RED LIGHTS IN A ROW , NOT MOVING,THEN THEY ALL WENT OUT AT SAME TIME. 7/28/10
7/22/10 20:45 Scott Township PA Circle 3 min 3 circular lights moving in a series of formations 7/28/10
7/22/10 16:00 Philomath OR Unknown 2 minutes or so UFO follows plane 7/28/10
7/22/10 13:00 Lodi CA Cross 30 sec Low flyng glowing goldish UFO 7/28/10
7/22/10 10:45 Oak Park MI Circle 1 minute Orange light zigzagging in the sky 7/28/10
7/22/10 02:00 Alloway NJ Other 3-6 hours Unexplained lights and movement were spotted in the sky above my friends house. 7/28/10
7/22/10 02:00 Sedro Woolley WA Fireball 20 minutes fireballs very bright,like welding torch,hurt eyes to see them. 7/28/10
7/22/10 01:00 Spokane WA Light 30 seconds Large bright light that was still but then quickly moved across the sky faster than an airplane could have and it was very big. 7/28/10
7/22/10 00:30 Cheshire CT Cigar 1 min Grey cigar shaped object over Cheshire, CT, around midnight. 7/28/10
7/22/10 00:00 Camp Verde AZ Circle 1 hour longer I went out on my porch to smoke a cigarette and noticed to my left lighting. We just had a storm and there is a great deal of cloud co 7/28/10
7/21/10 23:37 Salt Lake City UT Unknown 4 seconds Faint glowing large object streaks the night sky over Salt Lake City only leaving a trail 7/28/10
7/21/10 23:00 Avon Lake OH Fireball 15 minutes Two fireballs spotted around 1115pm from the shores of Lake Erie. ((NUFORC Note: Venus?? PD)) 7/28/10
7/21/10 23:00 Hammond (near; on hwy.) LA Fireball 5 sec Whitish/ blue fire ball in sky ver, very close to earth. ((NUFORC Note: Possible meteor? PD)) 7/28/10
7/21/10 21:00 Hooversville PA Circle 15 min Fuzzy disc with “satelltes” which exploded and emitted sparks 7/28/10
7/21/10 19:00 Corpus Christi TX Circle 1 minuet Three UFO’s were spotted by six people in the middle of Corpus Christi, Texas. 7/28/10
7/21/10 15:00 Bishop CA Triangle unkown i was taking a picture of a thunder head cloud in bishop california when i noticed a black object triangluar object in the phot 7/28/10
7/21/10 10:46 Brantley AL Triangle 2 minutes Large triangle shaped craft chased by a helicopter 7/28/10
7/21/10 02:50 Dirksland
Unknown atleast 30 minutes Extremely bright light, completely stationary in the sky and maybe a short and small moving light ray omited. 7/28/10
7/20/10 22:30 Orrville OH Light 45 minutes Immensely bright object appears in the W sky by my house. Occurs regularly, nearly every night. ((NUFORC Note: Venus. PD)) 7/28/10
7/20/10 22:00 Ida MI Fireball 10 minutes Fireball over Monroe Co, MI 7/28/10
7/20/10 21:42 Arlington Heights IL Light 35-45 seconds Extra Star (What it looked like.) on the handle portion of the Big Dipper – Stationary then moved in a northerly direction. 7/28/10
7/20/10 21:05 Surfside Beach SC Formation 30 seconds Formation of 8 lights over ocean in Surfside Beach S.C. 7/28/10
7/20/10 20:15 Maynard MA Cylinder 2 minutes Three rectangular shaped very bright objects, within 15 to 20 sedonds of each other that just dissapeard into the sky. 7/28/10
7/20/10 15:30 Mexico DF (Mexico)
Chevron 5 minutes A small ovni in Mexicos Sky 7/29/10
7/20/10 12:35 Appleton NY Light 3/4 second mysterious green light in sky cited in Appleton NY 7/28/10
7/20/10 09:03 Rocklin CA Rectangle 20-30 seconds Rotating, dark gray, rectangles I saw during the DAY! 7/28/10
7/20/10 04:00 Friendship TN Circle about 3 minutes Bright light over small town. 7/28/10
7/20/10 03:18 Washington DC Sphere 3 seconds At 03:18 AM I was called to take a look at a bright object, by a friend. I went outside with my camera and camera platform (tripod) and 7/28/10
7/20/10 01:32 National Forest CA Diamond 15 minutes 3 objects fyling north bound got to within 1000ft of them, Looked to be glowing silver orbs dripping metal as they spun around. 7/28/10
7/20/10 01:00 Selkirk NY Unknown
Between 1:00 am and 2:00 am on the day of july 20th 2010 i had looked out my window to the south and had seen bright light with some re 7/28/10
7/20/10 01:00 Selkirk NY Unknown hour and a half I had emailed u about the strange sighting that i had witnessed… ((NUFORC Note: Celestial body…star or planet?? PD)) 7/28/10
7/20/10 00:47 Richland WA Changing Not long maybe a minute From one red line to three red balls (like red stars), to the balls to (v)(^(<), blinking red lights making a triangle. 7/28/10
7/20/10 00:35 Albany NY Other A few seconds Brilliant streak of white lite that ended in an extremly bright flash near Albany International Airport. 7/28/10
7/19/10 23:35 Amherst VA Unknown 3 minutes Ufo seen by mother and daughter on farm road in Amherst county, Va. For the 4th time this year!! The object was first sighted in basi 7/28/10
7/19/10 23:00 Halifax (Canada) NS Light
Green line over Halifax 7/28/10
7/19/10 22:45 Ankara (Turkey)
Light 20-25 min ANKARA’DA UFO ((NUFORC Note: Ankara UFO. Can anyone translate this for us? PD)) 7/28/10
7/19/10 22:30 Kirkland WA Circle 4 seconds bright white circle moving very fast north to south 7/28/10
7/19/10 22:22 Nevada City CA Unknown 3 min My girlfriend and I witnessed a well lit craft that was completely silent, but appeared to be flying at speeds upward of 5 hundred MPH 7/28/10
7/19/10 22:20 Merrill IA Diamond 2 minitues Red/Bluish colored lights over Merrill Rural Areas. 7/28/10
7/19/10 22:00 Clemmons NC Disk 1 minute Object hovered over the area then flew at a high rate of speed 7/28/10
7/19/10 22:00 Mebane NC Fireball one minute or so A orange glowing object changed direction in the sky without making a sound, then went into “hyper speed”. 7/28/10
7/19/10 21:30 Pahrump NV Light 45-60 seconds Object appearing as sattelite with amazing speed stops and maneuvers in many ways. 7/28/10
7/19/10 21:00 Scandia MN Diamond 10-15 min. Twin lighted objects floating at dusk, south east of Scandia, MN 7/28/10
7/19/10 20:00 Hendersonville TN Cylinder 10 minutes Sunday july 18 2010, 8:45 pm central time my friend pulledmy hair to get me to look to the north. I observered a craft,cylinder or tube 7/28/10
7/19/10 01:00 New Milford CT Light 1 1/2 hrs Bright white light hovering. ((NUFORC Note: We suspect a star or a planet. No photo. PD)) 7/28/10

7/18/10 23:00 Lander WY Unknown 2 mins My son and I were looking at stars when we saw a fast moving light high in the sky traveling very fast in a circle then it suddenly dis 7/19/10
7/18/10 22:15 Coalinga CA Triangle 5 min Low flying black triangle, 3 bright lights scanning the ground, also performing acrobatics flipping end over end 7/19/10
7/18/10 22:00 Sicklerville NJ Light 1 hour Flashing lights swirling in the night. ((NUFORC Note: Venus in the western sky?? Date is flawed. Possible hoax. PD)) 7/19/10
7/18/10 22:00 Sicklerville NJ Light 1 hour flashing lights swirling in the night. ((NUFORC Note: From witness #2. Possible sighting of Venus?? PD)) 7/19/10
7/18/10 21:09 Crisfield MD Light 3 minutes A white speck of light extremely high, changing size traveling north of Crisfield, MD. ((NUFORC Note: Iridium flare?? PD)) 7/19/10
7/18/10 21:00 Merritt Island FL Fireball 6 minutes Five red fireballs. 7/19/10
7/18/10 04:00 Los Angeles CA Light 2 hrs. ((HOAX??)) They know who we are. They are calling our names. 7/19/10
7/18/10 01:16 Inver Grove Heights MN Light 45 minutes Bright string of stationary lights after tornadic storms baffles stormwatcher 7/19/10
7/18/10 01:00 Victoria (Canada) BC Changing 15 mins Orange lights in Victoria, BC, Canada. 7/19/10
7/18/10 01:00 Tempe AZ Unknown 45 mins. Globes of light in sky over tempe arizona, moving in a quickly repeating pattern but staying in one area. 7/19/10
7/17/10 23:45 St. Cloud FL Fireball 2 min I observed an orange, glowing object floating at a low altitude similar to where a helicopter would fly. The object appeared to be an o 7/19/10
7/17/10 23:15 Seattle WA Sphere 10 min This is the most awe inspiring moment of my life and i was somewhat sad too see them leave i really felt like i ment our creator. 7/19/10
7/17/10 23:15 Seattle WA Fireball 10 min there were 20-30 objects in the sky. they all looked the same; an orb that was colored red oarnge with an yellow aurora. they were firs 7/19/10
7/17/10 23:15 Seattle WA Formation 10 min there formation/armada was huge. 7/19/10
7/17/10 23:00 Dearborn MI Light 5 minutes Silent orange objects flying in the night sky in Dearborn, Michigan. 7/19/10
7/17/10 23:00 Seattle WA Unknown 3 minutes Witnessed 25+ UFO’s in the sky (orange lights), all in same flight pattern. 7/19/10
7/17/10 23:00 Boone IA Disk 30 min Flying obects in ia sky 7/19/10
7/17/10 22:20 Blue Springs MO Fireball 10 min 4 orange flaming lights traveling south to north with 8-9 loud booms, and flashs to the north of our location. 7/19/10
7/17/10 22:00 Naperville IL Light 5 minutes 5 bright orange glowing lights traveling over Naperville Illinois 7/19/10
7/17/10 22:00 Dayton OH Other 2:00 At around 10 p.m. on July 17, 2010 in the area of Dayton, Ohio, my husband and I were traveling I-75 South and had just exited the Cent 7/19/10
7/17/10 21:38 Tonawanda NY Circle Approx.10 min Multiple yellow globes silently streaming past house for ten min. in a long strung out disconnected line. 7/19/10
7/17/10 21:00 Mountain Home (observatory) ID
5-10 seconds Telephoned Report: Three witnesses observe three distinctly yellow lights maneuvering around astronomical observatory. 7/19/10
7/17/10 19:15 West Seneca NY Sphere 30 seconds Orb light seen flying westward over South Buffalo, NY. 7/19/10
7/17/10 15:00 Polson MT
10 Formations were made into some wheat fields. ((NUFORC Note: Photos of fields indicate to us normal “lodging” of grain. PD)) 7/19/10
7/17/10 11:20 Seattle WA Fireball 15 minutes Fireballs over night sky in Seattle. 7/19/10
7/17/10 03:30 Columbia Falls MT Light 10 minutes 3 lights in the sky 7/19/10
7/17/10 00:30 Charubusco NY Light approximately all night bright white light floated through sky as aircraft visibly moved and changed direction then simply pretended to be a star 7/19/10
7/17/10 00:12 Three Rivers CA Light 4.5 Hours Watched and recorded a UFO (for 4.5 hours) in the skies over the Giant Sequoia National Forest. ((NUFORC Note: Venus or Jupiter? PD)) 7/19/10
7/17/10 00:00 New York City (Bronx) (Yankee Stadium) NY Changing Above Yankee Stadium I’m back with another report only this time I’m not confused. 7/19/10
7/16/10 23:35 San Pedro CA Other 25 seconds a bright red light coming straight fom the top of the bldg. ((NUFORC Note: Student r 7/19/10
7/16/10 23:30 Prior Lake MN Fireball 4 min. approx. Four of us saw a phenomenon of about 12 reddish lights in the late night sky south of Minneapolis MN. 7/19/10
7/16/10 22:42 Malibu CA Changing 2-3 minutes Fire colored cylinder changing shape to circle 7/19/10
7/16/10 22:42 South Hill WA Disk 2 minutes Ufo over Western Washington July 16th, 2010 7/19/10
7/16/10 22:00 Columbus IN Disk 20 SECONDS Pinkish white to red white disks 7/19/10
7/16/10 21:50 Springboro OH Light 8 minutes 4 lights over Springboro, OH, July 16, 2010 @ 9:45 pm 7/19/10
7/16/10 21:45 Miami Township OH Changing 3 min Very large object flying low in the sky with multiple luminescent lights, seemed to form an outline of something. 7/19/10
7/16/10 21:40 West Chester OH Light 5 minutes Four light orbs that disappeared and reappeared in West Chester, OH 7/16/10 7/19/10

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