Cholesterol & Statins Cover-up

The Dumbing down of America. Statins and Cholesterol reducing drugs.
A recent article in Science magazine (March 2010) speaks volumes by what it does not say.

It was 1996, and a brand new miracle drug was introduced which was found to significantly lower cholesterol and since my levels of this evil and dangerous lipid along with triglycerides were off the charts by 3x the safe average – my doctors chose to place me on 4X the average dose of Lipitor. I complied,   pressured by both the constant barrage of commercials and a compliant national media pushing cholesterol as the most dangerous thing on earth.     After 2 months of these large doses of Lipitor I remember waking up one day and looking over to my 8 year old son playing in the living room.  A blank, hollow, empty stare was all I could muster, For the Life of me I could not remember his name! And more worrisome was the fact that I did not seem to panic initially or even worry, it will come to me was my only internal thought – 5 minutes later “Tommy” I shouted with a worrisome smile.  My job as a project architect & office technical guru was also becoming increasingly difficult – I could not “comprehend” certain tasks and conversations. This was something much more than my typical absent minded professor persona. I was losing my mind. I quit taking the statins, not because I was sure that they were the problem but because statins were the only variable that was recently introduced into my life. Within a few weeks I was back to my normal abstract & knowledge seeking personality.  Oh!  my arthritis that had strangely started around the same time, and for which I visited the doctors that  told me that I was just getting old, after all I was 32!  I was prescribed pain medication but this also miraculously went away.   14 years later and I have yet to ever feel the pain I had in my hands again.  A  research project was born.

Below is a SRI commented and excerpted science magazine (March, 2010) article below. Full article at end.

Scientific American:  Mutant cholesterol fends off dementia

Cholesterol may conjure up associations of cardiovascular disease, but growing evidence shows that the lipid has great importance in the health of the brain,

14 years ago when I did my initial research, Medical Science well understood that Cholesterol was the primary building block of the human brain. The evidence has not been growing, it has been simply overlooked by our national media news and watchdogs and countless doctors who blindly trust the data which they are given.

If Americans simply understood that their brains were primarily made of Cholesterol, and statins are unable to regulate were they actually reduce our cholesterol production – We would be able to make our own choices.


If Rome and its citizens understood that their lead lined water pipes were destructive to their overall cognitive intelligence – would they have continued to drink from the contaminated sources?  Would its citizens had simply smiled and chosen to simply lower their consumption of the tainted water? Would they have noticed their seemingly degraded brain function?  Is History simply repeating itself here in America?

“where one quarter of the body’s cholesterol resides.”

Since statins are clinically proven to reduce cholesterol production found in our blood system, are they not capable of also reducing or replenishing the cholesterol in our brains!   Imagine, 25% of all our cholesterol resides in our proportionally relatively small brains. What they omitted is that our brains especially “Grey matter” consists of primarily cholesterol!

“A new study has found that a common alteration to a gene that controls the size of cholesterol particles slows a person’s rate of dementia and protects against Alzheimer’s disease.”

If a mutant cholesterol can improve the effects of dementia and Alzheimer, does it not also play out that reducing cholesterol, especially in persons over the age of 75 would be harmful to brain function and cognitive abilities?

“Individuals with the mutation—a swap of one amino acid (isoleucine) for another (valine) in the gene for cholesterol ester transfer protein (CETP)—had “significantly slower memory decline,””

“report researchers in a paper published online January 12 in the Journal of the American Medical Association. In fact, those who harbored two valine alleles experienced cognitive decline 51 percent more slowly than those with isoleucine—and had a 70 percent reduction in their risk for developing Alzheimer’s.”

This is a wonderful scientific find, it is my prayer that it will be a “tipping point” in reversing and correcting our missteps in our fight against Cholesterol and heart disease which this researcher believes has been more harmful to the overall mental health of our citizens.

T”he results are preliminary, and the precise dynamic behind this cognitively protective phenomenon remains unknown. But the gene has previously been linked to longevity,”

A Cholesterol producing gene linked to longevity? Gotta love it…

Milton Thomas X

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