Best available video of July 9th Chinese UFO sighting

Best Video of July 9 UFO over mainland China

Best Chinese UFO Video

On July 20th, 2010 CNN Analyst confirms that this video is nothing more than  “photoshop” imagery.   First of all, only a motion graphics program such as After effects by Adobe or Combustion by Autodesk combined with advanced 3D Animation could even begin to achieve the visuals on this clip.   As a 20 year + Computer Graphics so called “Expert”  the following video is likely actual footage, especially when you take into account alll the first hand reports escaping out of “communist” China some describing  something much like what we see on this video which was first posted on the Chinese  site Soku.com.   CNN’s report “that the analyst statements of doctoring by “photoshop” puts to rest the ufo question” is typical of mainstream news channels such as CNN.  And yet on the same paragraph CNN confirms that the sighting may be a Chinese Ballistic Missile which this author  believes is possibly what we see here in this video – Initial oral reports by Chinese citizens confirm “twinkling lights” hovering over the airport?  SRI’s best guest is that this video is possibly military in nature, & quite possibly a missile.  We can only wait for actual footage of the “hovering lights” which were responsible for the actual closure of the airport to find its way out of China.

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