Science proves decay rates are not constant! Tied into sun…

An Amazing discovery that turns modern physics on its head was reported just the other day,  imagine that…..  Radio active decay rates are not constant and seem to have a direct connection to our earth / sun system.  While studying the decay rates of manganese scientist watched a substantial drop in decay rates during a major flare event in 2006.  To quote  “There must be something weird there that we cant explain with modern physics”   Check out the video report below and listen to it for yourself.  What is interesting to SRI is that this event now being reported happened almost 4 years ago.  Surely scientist were ready to re run these tests and experiments a few weeks ago during some similar major flare events?  This is a huge news item that has been completely overlooked by national media.

Here’s a wonderful thought experiment!   What if decay rates truly did not actually slow down as the studies seem to show?   Could it be “time” that speeds up during these events……


POST NOTE 07/14/2011

Scientists were ready during recent Sun activity.  Morgan Freeman’s Through the Looking Glass most recent episode showed that decay rates here on earth were effected by activity on the sun instantaneously.   Through the Looking glass produced an entire episode on the news we reported here last year which at least to my mind proves the possibility of “faster than light” travel! (well, at least for information)

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