The Day after Roswell, by Philip Corso, William J. Birnes

SupernaturalResearch.com Brief Review: I rarely read a book in one sitting, and very few popular books go onto my re-reading shelf but this book was a ground breaker, or so I thought. Now 9 years since its publication – and its only significant stir has come among the existing ufo community. Corso and his writing partner William J. Birnes do their best job at recording Philip’s involvement with reverse engineering of UFO crash systems. This book has been attacked due to some minor historical “timeing” but Colonel Corso’s errors have no bearing on the totality of of this memoir – How many of us can get our personal histories correct 20 years after the fact, let alone 45+ years after. Colonol Corso’s membership with the national security council and Top Secret security clearances are absolutely provable, so the only question we should be asking ourselves is why would a retired military man with a spotless record want to muddy his name and reputation along with the reputation of his children for a wild story about roswell and all its aftermath? This book is a historical memoir,  and it is sad to see it listed as a fiction book by many search engines. (Milton Thomas)

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