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Linda West - Frequency and Mayan Astrology Expert

Linda West can be found regularly with her video blog on youtube.com.  She is a brilliant researcher who has focused on becoming an expert  in the science  of Frequencies along with what seems to be a God given inspired study of the many truths hidden within the incredible Mayan calendar.

SRI white paper on Linda West

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Linda  West’s most recent video blog shares alot of science and spiritual truth about current events, but I must caution against the belief that higher frequencies will somehow equate to peace and wonderful events.  please see my notes on Linda’s latest video (of which I agree by and far a majority of her wisdom) Again, please see our cautions at our SRI white paper

Important:  POST NOTE: Please see our updated recent article discussing recent perplexing alignments within Libertarian groups.  LINDA WEST article here

Linda West - Morning Mayan

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  1. Ron Fuller says:

    Hi Linda.
    I just knew that you would be in the thick of the battle with Monsanto and their kind.
    I just released my first Music Video called “WE WILL ROCK MONSANTO” by Ron Fuller that even though released just days before the March, has started going Viral.

    Since the battle has not been yet won, I invite you to share and spread my chant, so we will all be ready to shout/Sing it in unison for the next series of Marches.

    If you would like a laugh just go to my face book page and watch a total Luddite’s struggle with Social Media.
    Keep up your excellent work Linda and your always sunny smile

    Ron Fuller

    PS My Face Book Page is under Ron Fuller Monsanto

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