Jaime Maussan & the Mexico Millitary UFO Sightings Caught on Video

Jaime Maussan visited this 2005 conference with fresh footage from Mexico just 2 weeks after a Massive ufo sighting over Mexico city. Jaime starts out with one of the most well documented UFO sightings (One of SRI’s 10 sightings) on the Infra Red FLIR system being used by Mexico’s Millitary in search of drug traffickers.  The Millitary sighting from 2004 To the naked human eye, the UFO’s were not visible, but under the FLIR system which is made in the USA and only being used by America and a few Key Allies. Are these just invisible planes? American stealth technology? Possibly. A Pioneer in UFO research Jaime is a bonefide and well respected telivision news reporter who has taken on the UFO phoenomena with out the fear that plagues most American News reporters.

Jaime Also includes video footage of many of the “massive” ufo sightings in Mexico city that year consistieng of hundreds of objects floaiting in the sky, looking like helium ballons except for the fact that they are too far away and in turn too large to be man made balloons.

SRI has researched a section of this tape (see the 32.50 – 34.15 section) along with other available sources. We have come up with some astonishing possibilities that were missed during the initial reports. Jaime’s assertions that these seem like crop circles in the sky with detailed graphics or possibly messages may have some merit. Please see our Research Report here.

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