Collecting Velikovsky

23 years ago I picked up a tattered and worn paperback copy of “Worlds in Collision” by an author I had not heard of by the name of Immanuel Velikovsky. After reading the first few chapters I felt cheated – not by the words or the content but by the realization that I was reading a book by a brilliant scientist & historian who I had never heard of!  Not mentioned once in the dozens of science & cosmology books I had read in the previous 5 years.  Not once,   Jastrow, Sagan, Rees,  etc.   And yet one of mankind’s most celebrated scientist Albert Einstein is said to have been reading Velikovsky at the time of his death, Anecdotal? I for one believe we should all pay a little more attention to an author who was consistently read by Mr. Einstein.  Just read for your self some of the correspondence between these two brilliant minds over the course of almost 10 years to find out how much Einstein respected the work of Velikovsky . Velikovsky & Einstein Letters

Find below a collection of Book covers from most of Immanuel Velikovsky’s works – Books like “worlds in collision” which until 2009 could  only be obtained new through short run publishers such as buccaneer who charge near $50. It is unbelievable that a book as important as this was out of print for so many years, fortunately Paradigma now publishes a paperback copy available at Amazon for under $20,  This book is finally available once again at a reasonable price….  A conspiracy of sorts against this brilliant author has been lifted. (Milton Thomas)

Ages in Chaos by Velikovski

Peoples of the Sea by Velikovski

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