Conspiracy Theories from the The Mind of Lucus – A well done video documentary

Lucus’ complete video of Nibiru, Planet X, The Destroyer, Apocalypse, Global Flood – video

Lucus has created an excellent video dealing with many possible conspiracies dealing with Nibiru, the tenth planet etc.  His footage of the Neat comet a few years ago is shocking,  the comet is Huge!  And most of us have never  heard of it until now.   Add to this the high strangeness in the design of the Denver airport (remember all the problems when they were building it?  how it was built so far away from the city, the odd Art and monuments etc.) Well, Lucus takes all these issues along with the strangeness of The Bush family buying thousands of acres in the Paraguay highlands above the Andes mountains and with his unique gift of seeings conspiracies  in all things – He  has actually brought together this group of seemingly despairing    items and wrapped them up into a video that will definitely make you think…..(Click Link Above or right click to download, or stream on link below)

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