Patrick Heron (Top 10 Supernatural Researchers)

Patrick Heron was born in Ireland in 1952, and spent some of his young adult years in America. It was in America that Patrick began his journey to meet the Lord and begin his studies in theology – The tipping point? A bible given to him by a hippie as he was traveling across America.   A true “born” Philosopher who has paradoxically made a “choice” at following Jesus Christ. It is philosophers like Heron who see the Church for what it really is and have such an out of the box understanding of the scriptures that causes Christians and non believers alike to stop and listen…… An evangelist at heart Patrick rarely goes more than 20 minutes without a telling of the simple gospel and salvation. He first became interested in bible prophecy and “end times” research around 1996.

In 1997, his first book Apocalypse Soon was published and became a bestseller in Ireland. Patrick’s latest paperback , The Nephilim and the Pyramid of the Apocalypse, is the first ever book to put all the pieces together and proving overwhelmingly who built the great pyramids and what their purpose is. Patrick has a Bachelor of Theology degree from The College of Biblical Research, Indiana. And Bachelor of Science and Masters in Business Studies from Trinity College, Dublin.

Patricks Video which ties in with our Supertramp 9/11 and Revelation 17-18

Patrick Heron’s Top Ten (10) Videos

A wonderful possibly prophetic poem from Patrick Heron .   Available signed copy here


Upon the Isle of Patmos

In prayer on the Lord’s day

The spirit took me speedily

To an era far away.


He showed me things in visions

Which no man can see

Of  days to come in future

Which verily shall be.


This day is nigh upon us

I feel convinced to say

Be ready or be warned

Man’s sin the earth shall pay.


The raptured church shall usher in

A time before unknown

The man of sin shall take control

The world shall follow him.


With subtle words

And sleight of  hand

And lies that shall deceive

Upon their heads the mark to take

That brings them to the grave.


The saints shall stand upon that day

His Word to uphold

Their blood will spill

She’ll drink her fill

But in the end be told.


For they shall be rewarded

Who bend but do not break

To kiss the ring of Satan’s son

But trust in God’s namesake.


Blood and fire and famine

Clouds black and noisome too

Death will stalk the living

The plague will pray on you.


The Antichrist will rule the world

His will to bow the knee

His priest who sits upon the hills

Will blind their eyes to see.


The multitudes who throng the globe

In tumult e’er shall be

The seas shall roar

The Beast will soar

Devouring bond and free.


Black smoke of torment

Ne’er shall cease

For those who take the mark

The worm of death

Shall knaw away

In death’s bile grave so bleak.


Eternally to knash and wail

Because they chose the lie

And heeded not the Master’s  Son

Who gave His soul to die.


That we should be forgiven

Who trusted in the Word

Chosen from the beginning

To be our God’s reward.


His firstfruits from the dead are we

Who listened to His call

His voice our ear remembered

Predestined far beyond the fall

To walk in peace by waters still

In Paradise our hearts to fill

With pleasures glorious and thrill

Which eyes have never seen or heard

With Jesus Christ our Lord’s Shepherd.


Some martyrs in that day shall fall

The saints with patience must endure

Who wrestle with the deathly pall

Of  Satan’s  minions; stink, vile, impure

Who hunt them down and kill the free

Refuse the mark, don’t bend the knee

For in the end you’ll see the light

Of  God’s abundant love and grace

And riches reap and know delight

And see your Saviour face to face.


The time is near, the angels wait

To put the sickle to the test

To reap the harvest of our God

To take the good and leave the rest

To burn upon life’s  shallow grave

In terrible and fervent heat

The remnant of Devil’s  chaff

The evidence of sin’s defeat.


Beware you scornful and be warned

For soon the Rapture will befall

To catch away the faithful few

Who heard His voice, who got reborn

Who’ll miss the wrath of the coming day

Who’ll live forever. Wait and pray.

Even so. Come quickly Lord Jesus

( First published in Apocalypse Soon by Patrick Heron  see www.neph.ie)

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