Kevin Smith (Top 3 supernatural radio hosts)

The Kevin Smith Show

Kevin Smith began broadcasting over 10 years ago from the jungles of Indonesia while working as a International police officer. Kevin’s rational and simultaneously highly perceptive commentary combined with his relentless work ethic places him on this short list of “the top 3 Supernatural radio hosts”. Though Kevin is not a “Christian” in the traditional sense, he holds advanced degrees in biblical matters (He rarely mentions this – typical of a NT temperament) A little combative in his early years with ‘Christians’ while allowing just about any other philosophy go unanswered – Kevin has become more tempered and equal in his treatment of both guests and callers. Kevin Authored the book “Gods in the Garden” which is worth reading being a very accurate break down of Genesis.  It is just that for some Christians,  these visitors often referred to as Gods are merely the Al-Mighty’s created fallen “Angels’ whose objectives have been the same for  many millennium.  The control of humanity.

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