UFO’s – Gateway to Hell

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Stewart C. Best has compiled a 7 hour marathon documentary study of the UFO phenomena from a Biblical Christian point of view.  Though the name is a bit over the top, the many documentaries within the over 400 minutes of video are unedited and give both sides of most issues. Right out of the box this film starts out with seriously credible UFO eyewitness reports.  Research shows us that one persons angel (fallen or not) is another’s alien.   In the first part, Best gives a synopsis of the UFO problem from a Christian viewpoint including many biblical references which most of Christendom seems to overlook.  Best tackles the important and stark differences between Judeo Christian researchers findings and what the general community of researchers are teaching today,   from the “eastern” and “new age” believers we often hear attacks on fundamentalist Christians religiosity followed up by the speakers complete unquestioning belief and proselytizing of Reincarnation and other eastern religious philosophies? Best, though judgmental in his beliefs at least lets everyone know what they are.

Stewart C. Best Tackles

UFO’s, Crop circles,  Evolution, Aliens, Roswell, Underground tunnels, Angels,  Mary, Pyramid, Easter island,  Face on mars,  the Sphinx and many more subjects by compiling and combining many interesting (though dated) documentaries and lectures.  Hence the 7+ hours of material produced by others mixed in with Best’s commentary.

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