Progressives vs Conservatives: A supernatural battle?

Progressive Socialist Chains of Bondage

There is such a divide in the minds and hearts of some Americans, that one must wonder if there are supernatural reasons behind our political and philosophical differences. In general most Americans can not help but be persuaded by the Libertarian philosophies which have made the USA a powerful and yet moral leader in our world – Libertarian philisophies from both the left and the right.    The primary difference is that who we call “conservatives” today believe in allowing Americans the only true choice that matters to lady liberty, the right to fail.  This difficult to acknowledge “right”  and  its premises and lessons have been taught by brave and rational thinkers for time and memorial but most recently they have been championed by the likes of  so called conservatives such as Ronald Reagan and Milton Friedman in the 60s and 70s  to Ayn Rand before them beginning in the 1940s.

I can not help but think of the little gem of a science fiction novella called Anthem, a story written by Rand that paints a world in which people are no longer allowed to fail,  instead they were controlled by an all powerful government responsible for taking care of all their “necessary” needs.   But this “taking care” came at a cost,  shackling them to their positions in life chosen by the collective. (Hence the cover photo for this post, a wonderful illustration from the June 1953 final issue of Famous Fantastic Mysteries) .  Ayn went on to temper this exaggerated fantasy story within the pages of her American epic “Atlas Shrugged” .

Though this researcher attempts to remain neutral when it comes to politics – the battle between progressives and conservatives touches upon a supernatural force that I have yet completely come to understand,  just as Rand’s conservative Libertarian views are evident in her book Anthem,  one can also read Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and see (so called) libertarian views from a distinctly progressive side of the aisle.    A progressive side that in my eyes does not truly understand what “Liberty” truly means.   In many ways these Left of center libertarians seem to preach a “collectivist” libertarianism which can only result in the opposite of what they hope to achieve.

Post Note

Interestingly just a few days after this post, Glen Beck pulled out his chalkboard at his February 26, 2010 show to America that we are in reality – primarily an overwhelmingly Libertarian populace (both left and right). Does Beck or his researchers read the SRI website?  80% of our hits did come from New York City the last few days  – or do people with similar temperaments ride a “wave” of ideas and concepts from some unknown source.

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