Extremes of Human Growth on Planet Earth – The Expanding Earth or Continental Drift?

Two years have passed since this original post on the “new” SRI website. In it I put in some vague clues to one of the most hidden scientific facts about our earth and its early creation.

You see this article gave a few clues to one of my personal life changing discoveries that I innitially made at the age of 6. The reason for my screen name “Babel”

I was siting in my first grade catholic school (1969-70) being read the story of “Babel” directly from the bible, as the teacher read the story I was focussed on the large Globe setting on a pedestal in the corner of the room. As my teacher explained the standard line about man building a tower in order to reach “God” followed by God getting angry and miraculously changing all of mens languages my gaze and daydreaming on this “Globe” visualized our earths contenental mass expanding and separating from each other, like a puzzle I could see North America separating from the East coast of Asia and Antarctica peeling away from the west coast of south America! – (all errant plate tectonic Pangaea models place Antarctica East of South America).   As soon as my teacher was done with the story I got up and walked to the globe, Boy was I surprised as I turned the globe to see the Atlantic ocean – Africa and Europe was even more obvious! They fit perfectly into the East Coast of the America’s, I had made my first personal discovery of the “Pangea” hypothesis but from an “Expansion” mechanism.

As a child I understood what modern scientist consistently overlook.  An alternate mechanism for the separation of earth’s land masses that was championed by many early geoligist and Oceanographers. See HW Menard’s wonderful history in his hard to find book  (The Ocean of Truth, history of global tectonics by HW Menard 1986).   A book I was lucky to come across at a used book store circa 1988.  Though Menard sides with the Drift mechanism he gives more time and “heart” to expansion … he clearly did not want to put a match under the toes of his guild  (scientific academia) yet you can read that his heart sided with expansion!  A wonderful final book by a brilliant scientist who was dying of cancer as he wrote this most important book.   A great scientist responsible for much of what we call modern oceanography.

Both theories of plate tectonics (Expansion, continental drift) were equally battled in the earliest days with continental drift winning and becoming the “law of the land” within science.  Even though dozens of respected geologist and oceanographers sided with expansion…I challenge anyone to spend just a few minutes observing Google Earth’s maps that contain the ocean floor surfaces which were so difficult for me to find 25 years ago in my early research….  The evidence is now in plain sight…. Available to everyone, we just need to look at it with an open mind.   Many reputable scientists side with expansion as the mechanism…..  Many more do not….   No matter the mechanism,  the evidence for the separation of our lighter continental crust is irrefutable.   The evidence from cosmology is of interest as well within just the last 7 years or so,  with moons of our gaseous giants spurting out liquid water into space –  and giving evidence to expansion and a type of “fission” we are yet to understand.  These moons as well as comets seem to be generating H2O just as our early earth did as well.   H20 which was stored under high pressure within our Earth,  released within the stories of the “fountains of the Deep” leaving behind massive Salt domes strategically placed throughout the earth.   We are taught about this  in our Bible.   Happening  right in front of us.    The fountains of the Deep!  Showing possible expansion……….

Quiet, yet unafraid since childhood I preceded to give my  heretical observations. “Language changed (in-part) because God separated the land masses” It was obvious! I turned the globe to show my teacher! I believe it was my first visit to the corner of the room to sit on a stool to stare at the wall. A young heretic was born…..

Future study stumbled across that Antarctica was the same size as the mythical Atlantis of ancient lore.    Is not Atlantis a parallel retelling of the stories of Babel?     Does not Plate Techtonics based on the expansion mechanism place Antarctica in the center of the Pacific Ocean – exactly were new age chanelers all place the mythical “Lemuria”?    Earth Expansion mentioned in the Bible as the days of “Peleg”?    An expansion that during the stories of Noah  allowed the fountains of the deep (likely strategically located at all our current salt domes) to create the vast salt water oceans we now have?   All scientists confirm our ancient oceans were FRESH WATER!       Add the fact that EDEN can mean “High Plateau”, and the highest plateau on earth is Antarctica which is the exact size of “atlantis” as described by critias.    Also, it is also our earths current MASS that allows for rain and for the Fathers symbol of the rainbows to be seen at…..41.66 degrees- one of the connections on how expansion strangely related to our  Godtype research.

Original Essay below Video

This recent video filmed in Turkey for the Guinness world records is a wonderful presentation of humanities ability to vary from the very small to the very large, albeit it is a representation of our extremes. One can not help but notice Sultans difficulties dealing with his immense size. Requiring the use of crutches sultan represents in some ways the thousands of men and women who are over 6′-8″ tall, many of them requiring much more help as they age in simply walking here on our earth’s gravity. You see “Height” is an incorrect way of viewing these differences, for every inch taller giants such as sultan are over the average man, they are exponentially larger in “mass”. Sultan Kosen is not just almost 3.5 times as tall as PingPing but at least 35 times his mass! These extreme changes have been verified in animal life in just the last 12,000 years or so, with Sloths the size of school buses roaming South America and Elk the size of elephants life on earth has certainly seen some incredible changes in our recent history. It almost seems planet earth must have had less gravity in order to allow these giant animals even to raise their heads and massive bodies off the ground. One must also ask how is it that Dinosaurs, without the aid of honeycombed light weight bone structures such as our modern day elephants have today could have ever walked this earth. Maybe Genesis should be read more closely by both our theologians and scientists alike. For it describes an earth without mountains?  an earth that was re-created from existing matter, an earth without rainbows or rainfall? study these topics in relationship to gravity and mass and you will understand that our planet is both very young! but paradoxically very very old as well.   You will begin to understand that the ancient writings are more historical and scientific than the mainstream would want you to know.

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