Dan Aykroyd on CNN talking candidly about UFO’s

Dan Aykroyd visited the news sets of CNN to talk about UFO’s and promote along with David Sereda who produced:   Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs A video production of the pioneer Saturday Night Live star  gives us his serious views on the UFO phenomenon. With the recent SPIRAL Phoenomena in Norway in December of 2009,  Aykroyd’s description of  how one night in the mid 1980s around 3 a.m., he woke  and told his wife, “They’re calling me! They’re calling me! …I need to go out and see!”  though his wife talked him back to bed but he woke up the next morning to the media telling the story of how people all over upstate New York, Ontario and Quebec saw something strange in the sky that night  – A Large Pink  Spiral.

Aykroyd was visably upset at not heeding the “telepathic” call that night and missing the event.   The government  said that it was a “Chinese rocket that  exploded  which left a visible  miles high pink spiral in the sky above the Great Lakes.”

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