Chile Quake and The Man Who Predicts Earthquakes

The  8.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Chile yesterday was one of the most powerful in recorded history.   The earth began shaking Saturday February 27 at 06:34 GMT.  Another early Morning quake?  First thoughts for many people must have been to check if it was  full moon.   As a Californian who has been through many quakes here in the Los Angeles area,   I reminisce to one of my first scientific deductions as a child,  after going through 2 quakes including the 1971 San Fernando temblor,  as a child I looked up  to see a giant full moon hanging in the early morning sky.    Fast forward to 1994 and the Northridge quake and once again I was surfing the aftershocks in my front lawn and admiring a beautiful full moon and countless stars.  25 years, 3 major earth quakes and 3 Full moons?   A curious coincidence with the Chili earthquake is that it also occurred just before the full moon’s perigee.  Perigee is when the full moon is at its closest point to earth and apogee is when it is at its furthest.

With A 6.9 magnitude Japanese quake just a day earlier, I must ask why does mainstream science still claim that the tidal forces from our full moons and planetary alignments have no bearing on these earth shaking events?

We know that the full moon effects our ocean tides, I was just recounted an anecdotal  story of someone watching a wave form in their pool which headed straight toward them, and as the wave hit its limit and could go no further he could actually feel it travel beneath his feet.   If the old farmers almanac understands the tides are strongest when the moon is full and  lined up straight with the earth and sun caused by what is called a spring tide, when  its gravitational strength is much greater.

The coincidences just keep happening.   Did the moon’s gravity cause the Chile earthquake?  There are a handful of  professional scientists screaming this in the wilderness that is Science Academia.

If there is one book to purchase on this subject please consider Cal Orey’s The Man Who Predicts Earthquakes: Jim Berkland, Maverick Geologist .  Cal documents Berkland’s maverick ways, including his on the money prediction of the Loma Prieta Quake.   Including his use of “Lost Animal” reports in the local papers proving that somehow Pets and Animals have some 6th sense about them… instinctively fleeing their locations just prior to seismic activity.   It was over 12 years ago that I first came across Jim Berkland and we should all be great full to him for refusing to  let the scientific establishment  bring him down.  An establishment which Einstein himself warned us about and he referred to as the  “Guild”

Thank you,  Jim Berkland!

Milton Thomas

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