Christian Symposium on Aliens and UFO’s

2009 Christian Symposium on UFO's and Aliens

What a wonderful symposium, Guy Malone of Alien Resistance and Joe Jordan of CE4 Research have put a couple of hours of this symposium free on the internet. Guy Malone created 4 questions which he gave to all the speakers ahead of time to give them time to really think it over prior to the symposium. It is interesting to see many different responses from various Christian philosophical viewpoints. Myself, I seem to agree most with L.A. Marzulli, Micheal Heiser’s and Joe Jordans / Malone’s viewpoints on most of the questions (in that order)
What would you say? The four questions were as follows;
1.We all know that God could have created life on planets if he so chose, do you believe he did, if yes, have e.t.’s visited earth, are ets responsible for abductions.
2. If there was an official declaration of intelligent extra terrestrials interacdting with humanity / disclosure by the government, how would you respond if asked by a reporter to give your response as a christian expert  in under 2 minutes.
3.How would you advise or councel someone who says they are being abducted or visited by extraterestrial aliens, and / or if you started having an alien abduction experience what would you do?
4.Your final word, what would you like to say to the church.

William Alnor had a wonderful quote from a personal “hero” of mine,  the Late Walter Martin.   “The Cults and the Occult are the unpaid bills of the Church”

Christian Symposium on Aliens – S2 – Part 1 from Joseph Jordan on Vimeo.

Christian Symposium on Aliens – S2 – Part 2 from Joseph Jordan on Vimeo.

To personally answer question #1 myself, I will simply quote Erich Sauer – a 20th Century Philosopher who was best described by Christian Evangelist Billy Graham – “Erich Sauer’s works show a scholar who seems to put his finger on the very heart of the gospel on every page” Unfortunately most of profesional Christianity seems to contradict many of Sauer’s findings. Especially the following quoter where Erich Sauer Answers Question #1 with dozens of scripture references.

“”Now to what end do these worlds exist in etherial space? Has God any pleasure in dead matter? Is He not the God of the living? Can any inanimate matter praise Him, the Lord of all life? (Psalm 30:9). Or is not rather the starry world of God everywhere filled with personal life?

In fact, if only our small earth, this speck of dust amidst the whirling suns of the universe, carries organic life, “then in meaningless contrast to it stands millions of dead colossi. Then were the immense universe a limitless extinct waste, in which only on this tiny earth, as a marvellous exception, the solitary flower of life blooms.” Then the fiery splendour of the millions of suns, which yet illuminate nothing, were only “a vast meaningless and purposeless firework in the dead universe,” and all the stars and heavenly bodies were burning or burnt-out craters!

Quite otherwise speak the prophets and apostles of the divine revelation. The Word of God knows of thrones and lordships, of principalities and authorities (Col. 1:16), of sons of God and morning stars (Job 38:7), of the host of the high in the height (Isaiah 24:21), of Cherubim and Seraphim (Rev 44:6-8, Isa.6:2,3), of archangels and angels (Jude 9, Rev 5:11, 12:17). And all these it describes by the same term, “the host of heaven”, as it uses for the stars.

From this viewing and naming of the two together we perceive a reference of a more profound nature. For otherwise how could “the morning stars” sing together, and at the same time shout for joy with the “sons of God”? (Job 38:7) How could the starry world worship the Creator? Will the dust praise Him? Will it proclaim His truth? But “Thou art the existing one, Jehovah alone! Thou hast made the heavens, the heaven of heavens, and all their host, the earth and all that is thereon… and thou makest these all living, and the host of heaven worships thee” (Neh.9:6)””

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