Children fingerprinted like criminals in Poway California

My current hometowns recently built skatepark

Now this story has caught my eye.  Considering my family an I are about to move to this area,  the City of Poway in North San Diego County California is going to introduce biometric scans of skaters thumbs to allow or disallow entry into the skate park.  Imagine that?  law abiding citizens, children in fact are beginning to willfully hand over their fingerprints in order to get access to a skate park!    Growing up in the Valley during the days of dog town I watched as private skate parks closed down one by one because of law suits.  I thought it was interesting as cash strapped cities across southern california began to build modern and costly skate parks.  Awesome, radical, cool – Cities were giving my children’s generation great places to play and get outdoors and away from their video games.   But at what cost?   Is making sure vandalism, bullying and a disregard of certain rules worth giving up your personal identity, your fingerprints?  Only criminals and law breakers should ever be forced to give this up.  Shame on Poway and any other city in California that follows along,  shame on the citizens who are more interested in tabloid news than our slowly evaporating so called American freedoms.

Here’s the complete article from the San Diego Union Tribune website:

“POWAY — City officials hope to reduce vandalism, bullying and other problems at Poway Skate Park by requiring that children and adults enter the park via a “biometric” thumb scanner.

Skaters and visitors will only gain access through the park’s turnstile once their thumbprint is scanned by the device, which officials hope to have installed by Friday and functioning by April 19.

Park users will be asked to register at the park starting tomorrow to coincide with spring break. Skaters will be required to sign a liability waiver, provide a thumbprint and have their photo taken. The photo and thumbprint will be uploaded to a computer. There is no cost for registration, and admittance to the park is free.

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  1. Christophera says:

    The Poway security measures are typical nwo conditioning. Resist that nonsense in a number of ways. For one, chastise the city for not empowering truth for young people. Why do they think that the anti social behaviors exist to begin with? The generation of parents are controlled by social fears and reject vital information that protects their children’s futures.
    Kids figure this out and loose respect for their parents. If power does not provide a place and time for truth, the kids never learn it and loose respect for everything. Since the parents are too afraid, the call for truth must be open to all. In that environment those who are not afraid and can properly use reason to determine what is real and what is not with openly exercised reason and fact.
    Communities might not know how to open the door on this empowering behavior so initiation of the concept is vital.

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