Alien Encounters: The Secret Behind the UFO Phenomenon

Alien Encounters:

The Secret Behind the UFO Phenomenon,

by Chuck Missler with Mark Eastman

SRI Editorial Review:   It was a pleasure  to see such a prolific Mainstream christian author  and lecturer tackle a problem that many of us  have known to be all to real.  Chuck Missler has been one of the few Christian leaders to realize the reality and “present” problem of abductions and UFO sightings.  This book draws from many sources (not all of them credited) but what is important is that it was written and passionately promoted. Chuck’s standing as one of the leaders of Christian evangelicals allowed him to reach far more people than the smaller (ufo ministries) could ever have. Also, in typical Paulinian methods this book first establishes itself with thorough documentation and  research with no actual references to a christian understanding of the Alien problem until three quarters of the way through the book. Upsetting some, but giving an honest witness of the gospel well after the reader gained respect of the author.    None the less. If you are a Rational, science minded individual still questioning the bible or a Christian looking for intelligent science minded study material look up many of Chucks lectures online free at his website khouse.org.

*** On a personal note:   Being at a  typical UFO sighting at very close range as a teenager –  this put a philosophical and scientific wrench into my world view at the age of 13.  I thank God for using Chuck Missler’s Ministries 20+ years ago to reach myself and many like minded people.  A rational mind only respects rational thought and Chuck is able to reach these souls. (M. Thomas / 2007)


08/22/10,  Recently SRI posted Disney’s video entitled “Alien Encounters” narrated by Robert Urich and produced in a “matter of fact” delivery by disney writers.  This documentary was most likely viewed by Missler  in 1995.  Spurring  his book’s first publishing in 1997 by the same name.  You can see this video documentary in its entirety here:  Alien Encounters

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